Chapter 3- Suspicious

3- Suspicious

We next stopped at our little boat. He had tidied it up; there was a little blanket and some other things.

“Wow Edward.” I said while reaching up to kiss him. He held me in his arms, kissing me back.

“I thought we could go for a little cruise, go to the mainland and possibly do some shopping...” I knew Alice too well. She probably gave Edward money just to buy me something nice! A smirk grew across my face. I wasn’t that hard to read.

“What type of shopping?” I asked in curiosity.

“Well... you could do with a few everyday clothes and maybe a nice dress or something” He shrugged. I knew he was up to something- since when did he take me shopping?

“Sounds really great. Thank you once again” I didn’t really like the idea of shopping but I didn’t want to ruin Edward's fun.

“No problems” He pulled my arm so that I would be by his side while he sorted out the boat and everything. He turned his head, winking at me. I grinned at him, showing my gleaming white teeth. I was suddenly very curious, and very scared! Why a dress?

Edward started the boat and after a while, the breezy wind brushing my face, the burning sun glowing on my face we stopped.

“Why have we stopped?”

“You will see. Just get out.” He said as he helped me. There in front of us was a shiny red car. The shimmering paint was unbelievable. How much? How fast? How long? My mind rushed round in confusion. Edward caught me before I smacked to the floor.

“Bella, love. Try and stay calm” He laughed, his inhuman, passionate voice whispering in my ear, ringing at first, but then settled and I could finally see perfectly. He opened the passenger door for me and I hopped in, ever so carefully so to not make any scratches.

“Wow” was all I could get out.  His eyes were also fixed on the most beautiful engine I had ever seen. But then all his focus was on me again. His burning golden eyes shimmered beneath the sun. He smiled my favourite smile and he jumped in.

“Err, Edward, why this?” I asked, personally I thought it was over-elaborate. But I guess that was just Edward.

“Well, you know me and the family. We like to indulge ourselves, you have seen nothing yet” He said. He then revved the engine and we both laughed loudly like two church bells. I looked at him and I put on a sober expression.

“Seriously Edward. How much?!”

“That really doesn’t matter” He looked at me with high-spirited eyes. “Now, put your seatbelt on” He said, gazing at the wheel. I suddenly realised. Every male likes their toys. I chuckled as I put on my seatbelt. Before I knew it we were driving a rapid speed. It was impossible! How fast were we going? I watched the speed dial to continue to incline. I was gripping onto the leather armrests beside me, wrinkling them as the seconds went by

“Edward, can you just slow down a little? I am going to kill the armrests by the time we are finished” He huffed and I watched the speed dial slowly turn to the left. I smiled.

“Thank you” I said, raising my voice at the end. He turned to me, reaching out to hold my hand as he drove. I was staring at the landscape surrounding us, the heat shone down on us but Edward and I didn’t seem to care. We were surrounded by fresh green grass and the long windy road ahead of us. My hair waved around in the slight breeze, so fresh on my stone skin. The heat was comforting, I was used to it being cold but here I could just relax. I breathed slowly through my nose, exhaling while closing my eyes. I could feel Edward’s fixed gaze on my sudden burst of relaxation. He was grinning showing his glimmering teeth once more. When I was relaxed, he certainly was. It was something off his conscience.

“Enjoying the ride?” He asked with a tingle in his smooth, perfect voice.

“Mmm” was all I could get out as I closed my eyes again. I could really be myself here, no danger, not to worry about the people I loved. Today it was just Edward and me, together. I finally opened my eyes, and we instantaneously came to a halt.

In front of my eyes was a long, wide street. It was empty and I could only see one shop at the end of the long road. Surely this couldn’t be it? The place was abandoned; accept for the fat men sitting in their cabs fast asleep.

“Edward, where are we?” I asked, with pure curiosity.

And this time I was curious, and also slightly worried. Where were we? It’s not usual for your vampire husband to drive you off to buy you a dress out of the blue and stop at an abandoned town; this surely wasn’t the city centre. How could it be?

“Get out and you will see” He said, flashing my favourite crooked smile, touching his eyes. Before I knew it he was out of the car and then outside the passenger door, holding it open for me. I undid my seatbelt- too slowly for a vampire who was faster than any other creature and hopped out as lightly as possible. I was a vampire, but still clumsy. I tripped over my feet but picked myself up. I heard Edward trying to muffle out a laugh behind me. I turned round to face him, I grimaced at him and he smiled back, ignoring it.

“Sorry,” He said, holding his hand out to me in apology. “I just couldn’t help myself. And don’t worry, you might be thinking right now if I am sane or not, but I am. I have been here millions of times before” He said, while pulling my hand forward. I stopped for a second, looking at my surroundings. The sun was shining down on us now, its brilliance high in the sky. It must be noon. There still was a slight breeze facing us but it wasn’t uncomfortable. There were many large trees surrounding us, making me slightly claustrophobic, but looking ahead of us into the long road seemed to ease it. Looking back at the trees I could see a windy path making its way into the overgrown woods. That sight reminded me of home, in Forks. I turned back to Edward. His confused expression was obviously because he didn’t know what I was thinking. Unlike other people. I smiled at him in encouragement and curiosity ran through my brain once more

“So which way?”

“Straight ahead.”

“Err, Edward. There’s nothing there”

“Just trust me, Bella.” He said. Was he angry with me? I guess it was easy to get annoyed with me. I opened my mouth to ask another question, but quickly shut it again, thinking about how mad he would get.

“’Kay. I trust you. It just seems slightly odd

Before I knew it we were running once again, faster than a lion on its best day. My hair brushed over my face as we ran. I started to think of Renesmee. Where really was she? Who was she really with?

After a few more seconds we came to a sudden halt. In front of me was a small shop, with a little pink door and a sign which read ‘open’ in a curly pink font. I suddenly realised where Alice got all those amazingly girly and amazing clothes from. I looked inside the window, there was a petite lady sitting down by the till, she had glasses on, her wavy hazel hair cut to her shoulders. She didn’t seem to look up; she was too busy sorting out the front desk, making it more immaculate than it already was. When we entered the shop the door jingled like it did in some movies. The little woman suddenly looked up, looking surprised. She smiled at me lovingly. She was like an older version of Alice.

“Mr Cullen! How good to see you again” She squeaked in a quiet, sweet voice. I started to look at her more closely, her eyes were emerald green. Her red lips curved up at the sides, looking at me in approval. I could tell that Alice had become a regular customer.

“And you must be Bella” She said, looking at me, sighing. It startled me at first, wondering why she sighed until she spoke once more “How incredibly beautiful you are. I would die to have hair like you!” She giggled, tugging at her silky hair lying over her cheeks

“Thankyou” I said. I didn’t feel like having an argument right now. Looking at the room around me I instantly looked at the intricate patterns on the light pink wallpaper. The swirls took all my attention. I suddenly pulled away from it and continued to look around the room. There were lots of white wooden wardrobes, and there was a door leading to a small changing room and also another door. This door made me incredibly anxious. What was behind that door? There must be something.

I glanced over to Edward as I could feel his glare on me. He was glaring at me, but in a friendly way. He grinned and tugged my hand

“Well? Look around then”

“Um. Okay. Help me, Edward” I asked, feeling slightly worried. He laughed and then turned to the small woman for a few seconds. Suddenly, the bright sun’s light shone through the window and hit Edward and I. The woman must know about us, otherwise right now she would be screaming, wondering why the hell we were glimmering like crystals.

“Sure” Edward said as we walked over to the first wardrobe. He opened it, glancing in.

“Nothing here” He said, shutting it firm. He seemed to have shared a meaningful glance with the woman. What was he planning now? He pulled me over to the next wardrobe, shutting it right in my face. We did this several more times again, Edward continuing to shut the wardrobe doors. He then stopped in front of the door in front of me. The door. The door I had been dreading to touch since we entered this small little shop.

“Don’t be afraid” He said calmly, obviously seeing the terror in my expression. He twisted it slowly, and I was certain my jaw fell out, crushing into pieces below me on the floor. This room was three times the size of the shop itself, it was like a tardis. The hanging rails were positioned around the perimeter of the room. In the centre there was a long oval mirror, its gleaming glass reflecting the light in every direction. Edward walked into the room, and I couldn’t move. I tried to put my foot out, but it was stuck. Edward pulled my arm and I was taken out of my daze.

“Oops. Sorry.” I said apologetically. I was still amazed at this peculiar room. Edward and I looked around, it seemed like forever. When we exited the room the sun was going down. I looked at Edward in confusion as he paid for the pile of clothes. He smiled in satisfaction. I still didn’t have a clue what was happening, why he had bought me a stunning blue dress that draped to the floor which probably had diamonds on it. I occasionally asked him about it but he ignored me, grinning away. It infuriated me, but I wasn’t angry with him. When we exited the dainty shop we stopped and I glanced into his deep golden eyes

“We better get back for Renesmee” I was wary of the time.

“Bella, don’t worry, she has gone home”

“Home? Edward she had only a night here, she must be disappointed. Do you realise how much I will worry about her? What if-”

“Bella! She didn’t mind going home; she has only just gone on the plane so she has had today. She knows we can come back soon, so don’t worry. And she’s with Jacob now. Calm, Bella” He kissed my neck gently, it soothed my worries almost as well as Jaspers ability.

“Okay,” I stumbled. Even though my heart stopped beating a while ago, I still found it hard to find the words. “So, what now?”

“That’s for me to know, and you to find out” He grinned again, I hated surprises and he knew it. He tugged my hand and we ran back to the car. We hopped off and we were speeding. Again. He held my hand the whole way, obviously reading the emotion of anxiousness on my face. We drove for what seemed a long time, then we suddenly came to a halt. I tried to look for some light but there was none. We were surrounded by darkness; we really had been driving for a long time. I could hear faint twit-twos of an owl quite far away but that was all. How long had we been driving? My back was stiff from sitting upright for so long. The darkness shocked me. I stepped out of the car to stand next to Edward. He said nothing, he just walked. I concentrated on his face for one moment. He was still showing that infuriating grin. I tried to overpower it, but it was too hard of a task. He stopped suddenly, his topaz eyes filled with curiosity as he examined my emotions.

He smiled, expecting me to smile back, but how could I smile when I didn’t know what was happening? How could I look back at him how I wanted to when I didn’t know what was hiding in the darkness? My future? More importantly, our future. I suddenly thought back to Renesmee, worrying once again, I couldn’t shake it off for long. He could tell I was trying, and he squeezed my hand, encouraging that everything was okay and then carried on walking. It felt like we were walking forever, but it was just because we weren’t running for once.

Finally, we came to a clearing from the darkness. I could finally see the cold moon glowing high in the sky once more; it was good to see some light. The darkness scared me. In front of me was a perfect winding river, and on the grass was a chequered blanket with a box on top of it. This picture was perfect. Looking up at the sky, it had changed so much in the past few seconds. The moon now was not alone, there were glimmering stars dotted over the black blanket of sky. I looked over to Edward, and realised my mouth was hanging open. I shut it at once, Edward laughed. Finally he broke the silence

“It’s not much. I just like it here; we could do with some time to... talk”


“Yes. Come sit” He said in his silky, wonderful voice. I sat down next to him, looking at his face. I realised my face was struck with horror, not knowing about what he was going to say. It suddenly reminded me of that time after my eighteenth birthday, when he left me. I was human, and it stung to look back, but it was possible.

“Bella. I just want to clear this; there is no need to worry. In the future, you will understand”

“The future? Edward, I don’t want the future, it’s not set in stone” The words I spoke were so true, I was terrified about the future. Why couldn’t we just stay in the present forever, live the moment?

“Seriously. You have been through so much in the past few years, you’re just over reacting. The future is positive. I promise you.”

“Okay. But Edward, why are you acting like this? So smug, it infuriates me. Do you know what it’s like when you don’t know what’s going on?”

“I completely understand you. In fact, I will give you a clue. Do you know what time of year it is?”

His question confused me, what did he mean? It was just a normal, plain summer.

“It’s summer. Nothing happens in summer.”

“Hm. You will get it soon enough” He said, looking out into the water.

“Alright.” I said in a quite tone. He turned to look at me.

“Bella. I know you’re worried. I know you miss home. I know you’re not happy. I’m sorry” he looked miserable.

“What? No! I am happy. But you’re right about the worrying thing. I miss Renesmee and everyone, but I am enjoying being with you. I’ve just let worry take over me. I promise to let it go. I shouldn’t be so... so down. “

“Bella, don’t lie just to make me feel better. Don’t do this. You mean more to me than everything in this world. You are my life. So don’t lie, Bella.” He touched my face, I pulled it way, my anger taking over me for once

“You think I am lying to you! Is that what you think? Ugh! Why can’t you trust me?” I stomped onto my feet, looking at his perfect face with narrowed eyes

“Bella, no! I just don’t want you to be unhappy”

“Edward! How many times? I’m... not... unhappy! Why do you make me so angry?!”

“You make yourself angry” He said more tensely.

His eyes were wide, filled with worry, regret and anger. Stop Bella I tried to tell myself. I continued to look at him, my face angry, but then fell to the floor, crying tearless sobs

“I’m... sorry... Edward” I sniffled, as he watched me with soft eyes. He came over and took my face in his hands.

“Oh Bella, love. Ssh, Bella it’s okay. I am the sorry one. We can go home, right now. I don’t want to put you through pain. I hate to see you like this” He said.

“Edward,” I muffled through the tears “Edward, I don’t want to go. No, let’s stay, just for a little while. I want to. I want time with you. It’s just odd without Renesmee.” By the end I finished my sentence my voice had cleared, Edward was looking up at me with a smile on his face.

“Okay. But tell me if you’re unhappy, if you want to go home” He said quietly

“Sure,” I said “Sorry for getting so angry.” I said with a smile. Before I knew it he was kissing me again. We parted, and I held myself tight to him, holding my head to his chest. He kissed my hair as we sat there.

We sat there for a long time. I could tell this because occasionally I would look up at the sky, the moon moving now and then.



“What’s that box?”

“Ah, now you see it.” He lifted it up and inside was two sparkling glasses and a long bottle of blood. What type? I wasn’t sure, but it looked rich. Edward started to pour the drink into the two glasses and gracefully handed one to me. I sipped at it. The flavour was delicious- fruit like. Before I knew it I had had several glasses. Edward stopped me on the next glass

“Bella, I think that’s enough for now!” He laughed, grinning at me. The area began to spin, so I laid down on the blanket and looked above me. The sun was now starting to rise. Edward was casually lying next to me, looking into my eyes. We had been here for a whole night. A whole, beautiful night.

We both rose at the same time. Edward rolled up the blanket and picked up the box. We started walking back to the car. I could see better now, last night we had walked in a long, windy alley way which entered a small woodland area. We were by the car quicker than I expected.

The drive back was long. Edward and I were silent once more, so I decided to turn the radio on. I didn’t understand any of the lyrics as they were in a different language but Edward sang along, his accent perfect.

We were then back on the boat. Edward kept me close to him. It was now 10 in the morning. It was quite stormy on the seas today; the waves weren’t as calm as yesterday, instead of embracing the sand they crashed with displeasure. Although this didn’t affect the weather. Sure, it was a little breezy, but I was used to all rain, and the sun was still high and bright in the sky. I guessed I was the only vampire which fully enjoyed the sun.

I kept glancing at Edward, wondering what he was thinking. He sometimes looked back at me. Right, let me correct that, he looked at me a lot. 

The island suddenly came into view. We drew closer to it, and before I knew it we were back again. It felt like we were home. The flowery scent flew up my nose once more. I asked Edward if he wanted help with the bags, but he said he was fine. I knew he didn’t need help; I just wanted to be polite. We entered the house, I breathed in and out slowly, closing my eyes. I sat on the sofa for a few moments, taking it in. I could tell Edward was watching me- that was obvious. But he made me jump when I felt his sweet breath brush past me and his finger brush my face. Slowly, I opened my eyes. He was looking at me, smiling my favourite smile.

“What were you doing?” He wondered

“Taking it all in. The smell is lovely.” I breathed in again once more, and Edward laughed. I grimaced at him, but I ended up laughing too. He held my hands, and looked directly into my eyes.

“Are... you... happy?” He asked slowly

“Yes, Edward. Yes.” I said nodding. I smiled at him, and he believed me.

“Good,” He said in a melodic tone. His eyes glistened in the sun. I looked out of the open window to the beach; the waves seemed to have calmed down. “Bella. I think you should try on the clothes. I would like a little fashion show” He chuckled. I huffed and happily stomped to the closet. The piles of clothes were lying on the top of the long dresser. The first one was the long silky blue dress. I picked it up carefully and zipped it on. I glanced at myself in the mirror for a moment- it fit perfectly. The dress draped to the floor. I didn’t dare put on the stilettos; I didn’t want an accident just yet.

I carefully walked into the bedroom, looking at Edward with a grim face. I didn’t like the whole fancy thing; this reminded me of being with Alice. He just watched me with happy, obedient eyes. He liked torturing me, I guessed.

“Give us a twirl” He said joyfully. I sighed and turned round before standing upright again. He kept on grinning as the seconds passed. He then spoke

“Wow. It really suits you. Bella, you look amazing”

“Ha ha. As if.” I said smiling at him.

“No, Bella. Seriously. You look stunning. Go take it off before... oh, just take it off” He said, looking away, still grinning.

We continued for another hour, trying on new clothes. I then got tired and sat next to Edward on the sofa. He immediately took me into his arms, sliding his finger down my cheek.

“What do you want to do today?” He asked, still grinning.

“Well, actually, I would like to hunt here. There must be some interesting types around here” I said, grinning. He nodded his head and we were then by the door. He set me on my feet and we ran to a large field, there was a winding stream very close by- many animals around it. The scents of their blood oozed the pain in my throat. I crouched down, ready to attack my prey. Edward was doing exactly the same.

In the past few months I had learned not to get as bloody as I did the first time I hunted. Yes, sometimes I did get a few splatters on my clothes but it wasn’t very often. Today my white t-shirt was white as snow, my hair still relaxed. The feeling in my throat had now cooled, I seemed stronger and focused. I glanced round at Edward; his eyes were now a bright caramel colour. He finished what he was doing, and then came over to me. His eyes were fixed on mine as he came over to hold me close.

For the rest of the day we swam and went hiking. Each day I spent with him I felt more pleasant and less worried. The days flashed ahead of me, being sucked into the past as we ventured on into the future.

We had been at Isle Esme for two weeks now, and I was feeling pretty homesick, I was certain Renesmee was missing us. Of course I loved it here, but there were so many things to do at home right now. I had my vacation; I was starting to worry again. It was late in the evening, when I decided to tell him.

“Edward. I’ve been thinking. I would really like to go home soon.” Edward edged closer to me, taking my hands.

“Okay. We will go in the morning” He said as he kissed my hair. It was that easy.

That night we stayed on the beach, remembering how the sky looked, getting our last bit of sun for a while- even though it was night time it was hot. I kept thinking about what I was going to do when I saw everyone; I definitely had to take a visit to Charlie. I had missed him as much as everyone else. I missed his smile, the twinkle in his eyes, his cheerful ways...

I started making a whole list of things I missed about people. How sad.

I suddenly opened my eyes and the sun was rising. I could hear Edward humming in the house. I decided that before I went in I would go for one more swim; I wouldn’t come back here for quite a while now. I stepped back onto the soft sand, and into the warm ocean water. I dived under, looking at the beautiful world underneath.

I came up a few minutes later, and walked into the house. Edward was there, packing. He turned around when I came in and grinned at me. He tossed over some clothes and I went and got dried and dressed. I combed through my wavy hair and skipped out of the door. Edward was standing there with the suitcase in his hand.


“Err...sure” We walked out of the house. I turned back to the house I wouldn’t see for a while. We walked across the golden sand, past the beautiful waves, through the greenery and then we were by the boat. When I was inside, I stared at the place for a while, feeling sad, but happy at the same time. Edward looked at me anxiously

“Are you sure about this?” He asked

“One hundred percent” I flashed a smile. His face relaxed and then the boat was moving across the perfect blue waves.

The End

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