Chapter 2- Isle Esme

2-Isle Esme

We were suddenly there once more. Its familiar scent was so good to smell again, to hear again and to see again. As we walked across the sand I took my shoes off and let the smooth sand touch my hard skin and sink through the gaps between my toes. The night was peaceful; the only thing I could hear was the smooth waves as they collided with the shore. As we got into the house Renesmee yawned, it had been a long day for her. I swung her into my arms

“Somebody needs to go to bed!” I whispered in her ear. I got out her nightclothes and took her into the bathroom, the bathroom in which I first noticed the bump. That wonderful moment. I sat her on the step and turned the taps of the bath on. I searched in the cupboard for some bubble bath (she liked bubbles) and poured some of the pink liquid into the pool of water. Not long after I grasped the taps with a little too much force and tightened them. I undressed her and put her in the bath.

 Once I had dried her I put on her cute little nightie and I walked out of the bathroom with her in my arms to face Edward.

“Where is the...”

“This way” He said quietly as Renesmee snored peacefully away, her light little frame flopped in my cold white arms. There was a door next to our bedroom and the room where I had slept for a while on the honeymoon had changed into a nursery. The walls were now lighter; calming butter yellow and white curtains were up against the large windows. There was a box of toys in the corner, a dresser in the far corner and a tiny white bed in the centre of the room. Renesmee continued to snore lightly as I tiptoed across the magical room.

“Wow” was all I could say.

“It’s just how I wanted it. I asked the people to decorate it and add some things, make it more homely for the time being”

“Thank you Edward, this is amazing” I whispered as I put our sleeping child in the pretty bed. She fit perfectly. I kissed her forehead and I turned. Edward was right in front of me. He kissed me, his smooth lips against mine. Last time we came here it was fire and ice, somehow existing together. Now we were ice and ice, complimenting each other perfectly. This really was the way things were meant to be. He continued kissing me until I stopped.

“I feel like going for a swim,” I said as I started walking to the front porch “Want to join me?”

There was no answer, he just followed me. It was hot like before although this time no perspiration was uncomfortably created on my neck, it was comfortable now. As I got into the water it was very comfortable, warm just like before. I wanted to try some things out, like going under water for as long as I wanted, that sounded like fun. I dived under the water; I could see the reflection of the cold, silver moon from the ripples above me. I was enjoying it under water, and then suddenly I screamed. It was Edward; he popped from the front of me in half a second. We laughed together as we swam deeper into the water.

As we got up, I saw him. This picture was so hard to see from my human memories, his white skin, his hair now as black as night, his eyes glowing like the stars. He was looking at me, probably thinking the same thing. I forgot for a few seconds that I looked like him now. I looked at my reflection in the water and I was right, my skin was white, my hair black, but my eyes were not the same. They horrified me in the moonlight, almost as much when I became an immortal and in the mirror there was a beautiful girl with blood red eyes. My eyes not were blood red anymore, but a shade of crimson. But nothing like Edward's breath-taking golden ones.

“What’s wrong?” He asked as he was perturbed.

“Oh, it’s nothing really. Just my eyes...”

“Bella, love. You are very beautiful. Your eyes will be golden before you know it. Life as a vampire goes very fast” He said as he pulled me close. I looked up at his eyes. I trusted his words and smiled into his strong arms.

“Okay. I will take your word” I said, leaping into his arms. I kissed him gently, but when he reacted it was fierce, the fire ignited through me once again. I shuddered and he stopped.

“What have I done?” Maybe he felt rejected.

“Nothing. It’s just sometimes when you kiss me; it’s like fire through my veins. Made me jump, that’s all,” He looked at me with interest, and he obviously believed me. “Oh god, what about Renesmee?”

“Bella! Don’t worry, love. I can hear her thoughts, remember. She’s fast asleep, dreaming away. She will probably sleep till the middle of tomorrow she is that tired” His eyes were peaceful, complete.

“Oh, good. I didn’t want her to wake up and wonder where we are, you know.” I said, wrapping my arms tighter around him. He winced in pain and I laughed

“Oh, sorry. I forgot” I said with a snigger in the back of my throat. He laughed with me. We were silent for a moment, looking at each other intensely, looking at every feature of each other’s faces. I broke the staring by looking up at the moon. It was high in the sky, glowing down on us. As much as I loved the sun, I found the moon astonishing and very beautiful. It was always there with its dark features. Then I connected the sun and the moon. They were both very important people in my life, although the moon was the most important. Edward and Jacob. Jacobs burning skin, his large cheesy grin against his russet skin and Edwards’s porcelain skin, his dark side, dependable, loving.

 Edward, his name was the most important in the whole English dictionary. I could tell he wanted to know what I was thinking, so I placed my cold fingers over his icy face, still looking away. As I concentrated I thought of what I just thought about the sun and the moon. If they were two worlds, I would be a moon, although being pulled into mid-space, Jacob was my best friend and my daughters ‘guardian angel’ or whatever. I imagined Jacob with wings and I laughed with Edward. He enjoyed my thoughts, finally getting into my mind, maybe he found it more interesting than talking?

“No, I much prefer talking with you, much, much more” He blew silent again, listening to my thoughts once more. The only audible noises were the graceful crushes of the sea on the sand and Renesmee’s peaceful snoring. I got bored of looking around, so I faced the most beautiful thing in the world once more. I wish I could read his mind. So not fair. My stone fingers still softly pressed against his face, he had the softest touch, so gentle. I remembered his touch when I was human, as painful as it was to try to remember, his touch was electrifying, excitingly cold against mine. His lips were more sensational, something that was hard to resist. I remember that time in biology, where we were watching the film, my hands restraining the temptation of reaching out to him...

Sugar. He didn’t know that, but now he did. I guess I could keep things from him but not everything I wanted to.  I looked at him again, his eyes focused on mine, he was in deep concentration. What was he trying to do? Was it hard for him to read my thoughts?

“No, but I’ve found out if I push myself I can do what Aro can do. I’ve done it once before, but your mind is very complex. Could you try a bit harder with the shield thing?”

“Oh no, not all of my thoughts! Oh well, here goes” I muttered to myself.

 I pushed harder and harder, stretching my shield until his face started to soften. A smile widened upon his face. I could tell that it was fading, so I pushed as hard as I could for several minutes until I was tired. I was burning; my breathing had got faster and faster. I stopped.

“Well then?” I asked

“Very, very interesting from what I got. I got up to the day in the meadow, I was almost there but I could see you were struggling. You can relax now, maybe another day you can try again” He said very softly. My fingers released his face and I shook them several seconds. I was gasping for air although I didn’t need it. I relaxed, and after a little while my breathing was calm again. I placed my head on his chest, breathing in his beautiful scent. He kissed my hair and held me so close that the space between us was congested.

“I, I am so amazed by what I have seen so far. I’ve realised how I hurt you when I left, how I stuck the pieces of your heart I shattered back together, how you’ve felt the past year or so. It really opens up my mind, knowing your side of the story. And along the way I found a few interesting things that I have never heard” He chuckled quietly as I looked up at him, a worried look upon my face

“How bad was it?”

“Very fine, love. Don’t worry. I especially liked the thought you had a few minutes ago, that time in biology. I felt the same way too, but I had to resist, you know. I still didn’t know if I could trust myself, you are so breakable. And even though you are strong and have an amazing ability and you are the most dangerous predator ever, you still are. I can’t get myself to be away from you for one single moment.”

“Edward, I’m not breakable, I can look after myself sometimes”

“But I don’t want to...”

“Ssh” I said, cutting him off by placing my cold finger on his lower lip “I am fine. I am glad you never want to leave me but I can look after myself sometimes. Even as a human, I just survived on my own when you left me” I trailed off, the bad memories, and good in my mind. The good days with my friend Jacob, the bad days without my true love.

“That was the worst mistake I have ever made. I should never have left you; I didn’t know you would be in as much danger as you would be with me” He smiled “For example, jumping off that cliff. What were you thinking?!” He laughed, I laughed with him

“I’ve already told you that story, and besides that’s all in the past. We are in the present now, nothing behind us matters. The only thing that matters is that we are together, forever.” I said, smoothing my hand down the front of his chest.

“Forever” He agreed, taking the hand placed on his chest and grasping it round his. It was like superglue had been stuck to us- ever since he left a few years ago her has never left my side. I liked the superglue although sometimes it would stretch a bit further like my shield. But I had a conclusion; I just needed to try, to work at it. That way we would both be happy.



When I reopened my eyes the burning sun was splinting through the wide glass windows. The sunlight was burning my back. I jumped up and turned around to see Edward looking at my carefully. He was sitting in a relaxed position on the bed, a grin broadening on his face

“What?” I asked him

“Don’t you remember?” He asked, trying to muffle out his laughter “Oh yeah, you wouldn’t because you had a bit too much to drink” He said, failing this time to keep his laughter locked away. A confused expression hit my face, I suddenly remembered it all, on the beach, Edward bringing out that lovely large bottle of vodka blood, a special type of blood...

“Oh no.” I said as I sat on the sofa, pulling my head into my hands. I started to feel the effect... I felt dizzy, nausea rumbling in the pit of my stomach, although there was nothing to get rid of. I scrambled to the bathroom, just making it in time. Edward was standing outside, an anxious voice but with a hint of sarcasm and laughter too

“Bella? Are you okay?”

“Ur, yes, I think so” I said in a faint voice, placing my head between my knees to let the dizziness feeling fall away. I hadn’t felt like this since I was human, it was so humiliating. Then I started to get anxious, I didn’t want my daughter to see me like this!

“Edward, go take Renesmee somewhere while I ... sort myself out” I said in a wobbly voice. This worried him and he burst through the bathroom door, his curiosity leading him the way

“Oh Bella! Dear oh dear, what do we do with you? I’m not letting you near that much of that substance ever again” He said, smiling at me. He held out his smooth, perfect hands and helped me up. I really didn’t want to move for a moment, I still wasn’t sure if I would be sick again. “Don’t worry about Renesmee. I called the nanny. She’s taken her out for the day, so it’s just you and me... not that we are going to do anything amazing, with you throwing up all the time” He said with a small laugh. I tried to laugh but it was too much work. I felt like I was on fire, I knew nothing was happening because I was hung over but it felt so... uncomfortable. It felt like had suddenly gone down with the worst type of flu in just a few minutes. I smiled at Edward, as that was all I could manage at this moment

“Edward, give me an hour. I should be fine by then. I want to spend time with you today, and not throwing up around you all the time. It’s been so long since we’ve been here, I want to go out and do something”

“If you say so... but if you are still feeling all woozy we are certainly not going out.” He placed me lightly on the bed and he sat next to me, arm around me the whole time, comforting me. He turned on the music and hummed quietly while I looked into his intense eyes. I kept glancing up at him, wondering what was on his mind. He seemed too far away in his own thoughts anyway. I sighed and he glanced at me, his eyes intense


“I’m ok. Don’t worry. I feel better now, can we go?” I asked as I watched his golden eyes melt like butter once more. He smiled at me and lifted me into his arms. We strode out of the house and past the beach.

“Yes, I know you can run. But I love doing this” He said louder as we ran faster, the wind roaring. My hair and his flew behind and I didn’t have a clue where we were going.

“It’s not my favourite,” I said with a giggle. We stood still for one intense moment “Err, Edward, could you please tell me where we are going?”

“You will have to wait and see” he said as he kissed my neck. My fingers without my permission started to entwine in his tousled bronze hair. I pulled my hand away quickly and gestured a sorry, Edward smiled and we were off again.

The End

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