Frozen Sun- Chapter 1

its just for fun- a sequel to the final book of the twilight saga (breaking dawn)

1-     Trip


The day the Volturi came was very problematic. We all worked our best to save everyone. I remember the picture- the blanket of snow beneath our feet, the Volturi in their black cloaks heading towards us...

 But all the pain was over now.

For the past four months it has been very peaceful. Spring was the perfect time to enjoy playing with my beautiful daughter, Renesmee. We picked flowers in the fields, normal things like that. I didn’t want to waste any time as I knew that in ten years she would be a fully grown woman and would move on. But my fears of her dying by that time were ceased as I knew she would live forever, just like Edward and I would. I knew I was designed for immorality; I was still a newborn but with a mind and maturity of an elder.

I was pleased by my ‘special ability’. Edward especially loved how he could hear my thoughts, as he had never been able to since her first saw me. My ability to ‘shield’ was very useful when the Volturi came.

But at this moment in time I was flying- everything was in place. Everyone I loved was with me, the whole family, even the werewolves and there would be no pain anymore because the fight was over. At least for now.


I heard little footsteps outside our bedroom. Renesmee was awake. I opened the door to her precious deep chocolate brown eyes that glimmered at my face. Her gorgeous curls hung to her shoulders. She smiled at me warmly.

“Hello Momma”

“Morning” I grinned at her.

 I picked her up and wrapped her in my arms. Her soft touch was so lovely on my skin. Her heart pounded as I carried her into the bedroom, it was interesting listening to its pulse, since it had been a while since I had lost my own. But becoming immortal was a very good decision I had made in life, but when it came it was more of a necessity, so I could save not just my own life but the precious thing lying in my arms this very moment. I had so many good human memories, as painful as it was to try and remember them, day by day they started to fade. But I would always remember how my life truly started, when I moved here to Forks. If I hadn’t I would probably still be living in misery, thinking there was no reason to life.

Renesmee placed her hand on my face. She wanted food. Her eyes widened at the thought, along with her cheery smile, flashing her brilliant white teeth.

“Ok Nessie, I will take you to the house as soon as I get dressed. Actually, Edward could you take her?” I faced him and he smiled, keeping my eyes on his for a long moment. His eyes put me in a trance which clouded my thoughts. Every time I looked at him I always sighed at his beauty.

“Of course I can. Is that ok Renesmee?” Edward said kindly as he paced over to us.

“Yay! Time with dada” She cried as he pulled her into his arms, kissed her forehead and tickled her nose, which of course she giggled at. Edward winked at me as they whizzed out of the house.

Finally I was alone, not that I didn’t love having company; I just needed time, even just for a few minutes. I got to the closet and pulled out some ordinary clothes- a pair of jeans and an ordinary t shirt, got dressed and tidied up my hair as it was in such a state and I couldn’t be bothered to do anything to it. I cleaned the cottage for several minutes and I found myself humming to a familiar tune once again. I was lost in my thoughts for a few moments, wondering like I always do.  Then Edward was suddenly behind me. I gasped and he kissed me.

“Did I scare you?”

“Yes!” I said hugging him. “Where’s Renesmee?”

“Oh, you know. Time with the two that won’t stop arguing,”- He chuckled. He kissed me again, stronger this time. I let go and concentrated as I held my hands to his head. He searched for my thoughts- “You can’t read minds but somehow you always know what I want. It’s good to see how you feel after all those years, it pestering me and curiosity killing me. Now I can finally see”

“But only when I want you to see. You can’t get everything you want.”

“I have everything that I have ever wanted in my whole entire... existence. You.” And when he said such a thing, just looking into his eyes I could tell he meant it.

 I blushed at the thought, he had told me a million times but I still didn’t understand why my beautiful husband picked me, a plain girl, compared to somebody like Rosalie, the most stunning vampire I have ever seen with her long blonde locks and her wide gold eyes surrounded in black lashes... just thinking about her made me cringe at myself.

“So...” I said, moving on “How is everyone today?”

“I didn’t see much of people. I saw Rosalie and Jacob of course, but the others were out, hunting I expect”

“Ah... why didn’t they wait for us?” I grinned, joking

“That is a very good question.” He wondered

“I guess Rosalie will come with us later then” I mused

“Trust Rosalie. You should know by now Bella, that she has already hunted, so that she gets ‘more time’” He huffed at her behaviour, and in a way I completely understood him but in a way completely not. Because Rosalie had never conceived a child, and she never will. This was the closest she got. If we weren’t very careful I would have sworn she would have stolen her by now.

“Hm. So what’s the schedule for this morning?” I asked

“Maybe we could go for... a walk?” He suggested

“Sounds good” I said jumping up.

We ran until we found ourselves back in our meadow.

“I would like to tell you a story”

“I like stories” We sat down and he took my hands.

“Once upon a time, there once lived a girl. She had moved away for her mother, she was a very selfless and caring girl. Anyway, she moved to where her father lived in a small, little town where it rained most days of the year. She absolutely hated the rain.

“She started school there and she met many people there. She wasn’t anything very special to people where she used to live but here, without her knowing she was the complete opposite. All the boys looked at her like... there are no words to explain, but she wasn’t interested.

“There was this one boy who had a dark, deep secret. It was a secret not just about him, but about the whole family. He was something different to humans; he was a creature that was worse than the bad guys in fairytales. He shouldn’t have been in this fairytale because of what he was, but he was there, and he had a class with this girl. He had never spoken to her, but when she sat next to him the earth moved, she smelt so nice it was hard to resist her. Well, the girl thought that the boy hated her, but he didn’t hate her he hated what he was.

“Time went on, and one day the girl was in danger, she was about to be killed. The boy saved her life, but the girl was observant and saw how strong he was. She was about to know the secret but the girl could be trusted and didn’t exactly know the truth so the boys family didn’t leave.

“He ignored the girl, thinking it would be best for her but she seemed unhappy, so he spoke to her again. Then one day her and her friends went shopping and the boy saved her again. The girl didn’t know many things about the boy, for example, he loved her with all his heart even though he knew that their love would be forbidden, and that he watched her dream at night and stalked her... so interested in her.

“But one day the girl found out the truth about him. He knew she could keep the secret and as much as he knew he couldn’t be in love with her they did the complete opposite. He knew he couldn’t stay away from her, life revolved around her. And every day he still found it hard not to kill her, she was so tempting, he was pushing it...

“Time continued to fall, and one day the girl and the boys family went... out. Some creatures of their kind, but more dangerous ones visited. The boy was very protective over the girl and raced her out, but one of the... creatures had an obsession. He wanted to kill her... he tracked people and killed them slowly, he was evil.

“He tricked the girl and he was killing her when the boy came, he saved her just in time. This could have been the ending to the fairytale (Much of one it would be) but like all fairytales, he saved her just in time. They loved each other dearly.

“But on the girl’s eighteenth birthday, things changed and the boy saw the light. He had to leave the girl, it was dangerous and he was taking her human life away from her. She needed a chance to be human. So he lied to her, saying that he didn’t want her anymore and she believed him right away. Sadly, he left her, leaving her there in depression.

“Eight months had passed and the boy had found it hard to live. He found it hard to stand every hour, and he knew he just had to go back sometime, and beg her to take him back. The girl felt the same. The only good thing in her life was her new best friend, but he was also a creature... a different kind to the others, but still. He was half human, put it that way.

“The boy thought that the girl was dead, and like Romeo, he couldn’t live without her, so he was going to kill himself. The girl came just in time, so they saved each other in the end. They couldn’t stay away from each other.

“Anyway, when the boy and his family returned, the girl’s best friend was very angry, his family and the boys family were enemies. The girl found it hard, to keep them. But of course, she was in danger once more so they all came together and saved her.

“In the end, the boy and the girl got married, and the girl became pregnant not long after. But this baby was half-creature and so by being born it was to kill its mother, but the girl wouldn’t kill the baby. She loved it more than her life.

“The time came, and she was dying as the creature got its way out. The boy saved her though, and then she was just like him. A creature. They were finally the same; the boy had no fear of killing her any more. They were all happy.

“But danger erupted once more, the hardest this time (well, not really) but they were strong enough to overpower it. And the family continued to survive.

“But the thing is that there is no happy ending to this long story. There never will be a happy ending. The pain was over, and so the fairytale will continue. Because they were vampires, and they would live forever. For eternity.” Edward paused, looking into my eyes. I found myself smiling.

“Edward... that was... completely” I stuttered, lost for words. Edward laughed and held me close

“I'm glad you liked it” He breathed into my ear.

“You know what; I didn’t guess it was our story until near the end. It was that good”

“Ha ha. That is quite surprising”

“Yes. Well, not really. It was good.”


“So what brought that on?”

“I felt like telling a story. A true one, not ones that you read in books and wish were real and you wish with all your might you were in it”

“I know the feeling”

“You will never know how much I love you”

“Oh, I think I do”

“Hm.” He kissed my hair. I looked out to the rising sun, the heat glowing off my white stone skin turning me into a million gems

“You look... dazzling” 

“Look at yourself” He smiled. “There is nothing more beautiful than you.”  He closed his eyes as he looked out into the sun. His purple lids reflected off the light. His bronze hair wavered in the breeze, I breathed in all the beautiful scents around me, the floral smell of all the different types of flowers- roses, tulips, marigolds and a lot more. I breathed in the smell of the fresh air, and mostly Edward. His sweet smell washed through me again, as I closed my eyes too, and I lay back on the grass. I looked above me, for once the sky was a brilliant blue, the wispy white clouds fewer than usual. I looked around me, the trees were now almost a shade of jade, and the fresh dew on the grass tickled my cheek. I picked a flower and played with it, examining it. How beautiful it was and how lovely it smelled. A rose. I picked another flower, not as elegant but it certainly had a much more beautiful scent than the rose. Its joyous purple petals widened out in the sun. Edward was lying next to me, watching what I was doing. I held the violet purple flower to my face, breathing in its scent again. Edward grasped it from me and placed it in my hair

“Perfect” He grinned.

“And one for you,” I placed the rose on the ground and picked another purple flower from the bed in which it stood tall. I carefully placed it in his shirt pocket. “There”

Edward laughed, and rubbed his face down my cheekbone. I remembered how this used to bring a chill down my spine because it was so cold. But I liked the cold. A few years back I wouldn’t even dreamed of saying that, but I didn’t have a life back then.


 We went back to the house a few hours later. Edward opened the door and suddenly I smelt eggs. The kitchen was only in use now when either Jacob was here or Renesmee didn’t want blood (and that wasn’t usual. We usually had to get her to eat human food.)

“Hey Guys” Jacob said loudly. His long hair was knotted and he was still in ragged clothes. He must have fallen asleep here last night and not bothered to go back to his place. He turned round to face me, his white teeth flashing against his russet skin. And cor did he smell! That wasn’t his fault though, he was a werewolf. And werewolves don’t smell so appealing to my kind.

“Hey Jake,” I said with a cheer “just woken up?”

“Yeah. About an hour ago actually. I was busy with Nessie. Its Blondie’s go now” He said with a huff. Edward and I laughed and walked into the lounge. Rosalie was sitting down with my daughter on her lap. She was making her jump up and down like she would be on a galloping horse. They both looked like they were having fun.

“Momma!” Renesmee cried as she struggled out of Rosalie’s firm grasp and walked over to me “I have really missed you. What have you been doing?” She really was a nosy child, just like me I suppose.

“Up in our meadow” Edward spoke in his soothing, perfect tone. Suddenly Alice skipped in the room, a pleasant expression upon her face. I turned to Rosalie; she grimaced at her empty hands, her red lips pouting slightly.

“Hi Bella” Alice chimed, giving me a graceful hug.

“Hey Alice”

“Had a nice time?”

“Great” I grinned

“Can we go do something now, like go hunt? I am still hungry” Renesmee interrupted, gesturing at her little stomach. Edward and I glanced at each other.

“Sorry, Alice” Edward smiled at her.

“Let’s go then my little one” I said with enthusiasm as I picked her up. I knew she could walk, but I enjoyed carrying her, and she enjoyed it too. We started running, the house far behind us. Renesmee was giggling as usual, she enjoyed going at such a fast speed. Her ivory cheeks lit up and clouded over with a faint tint of pink.

 Before I knew it we were in the field. I could smell deer nearby along with flowers. I ignored the flowery smell and crouched behind my prey. Renesmee and Edward followed me, in a few seconds we all had a deer each. Edward ambled towards me and crouched down, looking at us both.

“I’ve been thinking. Maybe it’s time for a vacation to Isle Esme.”

“Ooh. What’s that?” Renesmee asked, her big brown eyes shining in the sun. Her face turned up in spectacle. I grinned at her joyfully.

“Renesmee, darling. It’s an island Grandpa Carlisle bought for Grandma Esme. You mother and I went there on our honeymoon” He gestured towards me.

That was right. I had so many memories of our time on Isle Esme. It was warm there and very private. I loved it. I couldn’t wait to go back, the hot weather, the perfect sand... my last memories of it were human ones; it would be nice to remember.

“When can we go?!” Renesmee asked with a tone of excitement

“Today” Edward answered. “Bella, what do you think?”

“I’d love to go back!” I rejoiced

“Well, let’s get packed. I have already booked flights and everything” He said with a wink in his eye. He held both of our hands and we were back at the cottage within two minutes.

Packing was quick and easy. The only hard part was packing for Renesmee; there was so much to remember. Edward was whizzing around packing our stuff while Renesmee helped me pack hers. She gave me everything she wanted to take and I suggested whether or not she needed it. But we were done within an hour with everything in the car.

Alice, Carlisle, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie and Esme were standing on the porch, beaming at us. Rosalie wasn’t though; I could tell that she didn’t want to be far away from my little girl. But I had to remind myself that she had helped me through pregnancy, and she was Renesmee’s auntie and I was grateful.

“Bye everyone. See you soon” I said emphatically

“Bella. Have you packed some nice things?” Alice asked. Of course I should have seen that coming, she was always dressing me up

“Alice, I left that to Edward. And I’m sure he put in some good clothes” I said smiling at her. I gave her a hug and then we got in the car. Renesmee was jumping up and down in her seat with excitement; she had never been to a different country before. Isle Esme would be a great start for her- it felt like home to me.

As we were driving I looked up at the sky. The brilliant blue turned into a silky grey, the clouds had multiplied and started to splatter with rain. I looked in the mirror and saw Renesmee looking out of the window, so focused on what she was doing. I turned to look at Edward, his eyes were on the road but he was looking at me at the same time.

 The road trip was very quiet from then on, Renesmee still looking out into the open road with interested eyes while Edward was deep in his thoughts. Was he concentrating on Renesmee’s or did he just have nothing to say?  So I continued to look around me, the perfect splattering droplets falling down the window and joining with others. This would be the last bit of rain I would see for quite a while.

We then suddenly stopped, we were at the airport. I got out of the car and picked up Renesmee. Edward picked up the suitcase while I carried her. I reminded myself I had to pretend to be human now, I had to slow down my speed, move around a bit and breathe. Renesmee was looking at me the whole time we walked swiftly through the airport, her eyes fixed on mine, and I was surprised she wasn’t engrossed in the action around her. Edward held my hand as we waited in the queue. He was probably in pain, all these people thinking at the same time. I smiled at him and he kissed my forehead. Renesmee looked down at her locket and held it close to her. She always wore it. I remember when I gave it to her- when I thought I would never see her again... more than my own life...

As we walked I was looking around the airport, interested in the humans. There was one family that caught my eye. A mother and father arguing while their children watched them with wide, frightened eyes.  I didn’t see humans that often nowadays, and looking at them just made me feel more like them. But less in others.  The only human I had seen recently was my dad, Charlie.

We went through all the security parts and then through to the gates. Edward gave me some money and Renesmee and I went into a shop. I bought her some sweets, she didn’t mind them, and I bought a magazine and a newspaper for Edward and me. The woman who served us was rather short and curvy; her long wavy hair complimented her face. She kept smiling at Renesmee, she was very beautiful.

Soon, we were on the plane. Renesmee and I were furthest to the window, her on my lap. The hostesses casually strolled up and down the aisles. I felt like screaming ‘Get on with it!’ But I didn’t, we were in no hurry. I glanced over to Renesmee and she was looking back at me, probably wondering what I was thinking. Suddenly her focus changed to the sky out of the window, it was very dark but the clouds were large and fluffy. It must feel like dreamland to her.

Edward looked at me, his attention set on my eyes. He smiled my favourite crooked smile once more. As we were high in the sky, worry flushed through my body. How was everyone going to be while I was gone? I was leaving my family, as many as there were, I couldn’t help myself. Would Jacob and Rosalie have a fight as Renesmee wasn’t around? I tried not to think too much about it and it just made me more wound up.  

“What’s wrong?” He asked, suddenly worried about me. I placed my hands around his face and used all my concentration.

I’m worried about everyone. I know there’s no need to but what if... what if something happens Edward? What if-

He cut me off. “Everything is fine, Bella, love. Everyone is going to be fine. There’s no need to worry. All the pain is over. “

“I know, I know. I just can’t help myself. Why were you so silent earlier?”

“I was listening to her thoughts. They were extremely interesting; most of them were about the holiday and you.”He whispered so Renesmee didn’t hear.

“She was looking at me an awful lot, what was it about?”

“She was just wondering about you. Wondering how you were feeling, if you were excited. And then when we got in the plane her concentration switched into child mode.” He glanced at her, smiling

“Yes. I do love you Edward”

“I love you too” He said, squeezing my hand. Suddenly, fire ignited through my body, it felt like there was a black hole sucking my insides out. But the feeling wasn’t unpleasant. But I was suddenly curious, why had I never felt this before? What was it? Was it an emotion? Maybe it was desire, or passion. But how could I be sure? Time... that was it. Time.

Time flashed by at the speed of light and then we were on the ground again. I grabbed hold of Renesmee and we were out within a few minutes. We walked to where we collected our luggage with a pace, but silently. Edwards face was bright and pleasant; Renesmee’s was flying high as a kite, a huge shiny grin upon her face. We didn’t have to wait long for our luggage, with our luck ours came out first. Once we got them we flew out of the airport and walked down to the docks.

 The boat trip brought back many memories, it made me smile. Edward was smiling too, but I didn’t know what he thought of our honeymoon, it was as if he regretted what he did, I knew he did. But there was no need for that, it was amazing.

As we travelled across the seas on the small boat made for speed, Renesmee was looking into the water with wide eyes. She found the rippling waves beneath her extraordinary and marvellous, and of course giggled her signature giggle. As she concentrated on it further one wave splashed her in the face. She kept giggling which made me smile a wide grin to Edward. I went over and wrapped my arms around her.

“Momma, I’m having a lot of fun today” She said with enthusiasm. I looked at her and then looked up at the sky, it was dark now and the sun was going down. It was a beautiful sunset, the oranges and pinks in the skies made Renesmee make ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ . Edward was looking at the sunset, completely amazed.

“Isn’t it beautiful” I whispered to him. His eyes focused on mine once more, a severe expression upon his face

“No. Nowhere as near as beautiful as you, love. You are my sun. You are the thing that keeps me in orbit. You give me the world. Without you there would be no reason to live. There would be nothing.” I looked at him. He was so beautiful. He took my head in his hands and kissed me tenderly and I wondered where that all came from. Renesmee was too focused on her surroundings to say anything

The End

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