Frozen Flame

Princess Sahyu is looking for the Lost Prince, who has been propheciesed by The Book of Maltean. But how long can she go?

"In the beginning it took two,

to end it will take three,

the protector, the searcher, and the Lost.

When all is lost,

are they to be found,

they that will give what is needed

to end all the pain."

Fear, that is the first thing registered by the riders when they show up. Who are they? They are the beast, the animals, the destroyers. They are Glain, animals that have evolved to the closest thing to a human they could. Incomplete, yet they are stronger and scarier. Frighting by their horrid experiments. And now they wage war against all beings that are no longer needed in this world.They have conquered most, the magicians, the Darkness, the Elves, and soon the humans. 

"Princess! Go back, back." She turned her horse as best as she could in the small space given to her in the the ravine. Her guard had his elfinbow out and strung by the time she was turned. "Move," he ordered and fired two razor thin arrows that only served as a distraction even with the direct hit to the head.

They both had turned around and streaked back the way they came. Where there was another half dozen Glain waiting for them, with three more above watching their every move.

"Trap! Sanesk." the guard swore pulling out his saber, bow already stored. "Looks like we have to fight our way out."  

The End

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