Chapter Three.

Ooooooooo 3 years later ooooooooooO

*Boston college*

The hallway was dimly lit and strangely quiet. Normally at this time of night at least one conversation about the latest computer software or video game could be heard wafting down the hall from the drafting lab. As Jackie drew closer to the door of drafting lab the reason for the uncharacteristic silence became apparent in the form of a thin piece of paper. It was taped to the door proclaiming that the lab had been canceled as a virus had been detected on several of the computers and the technicians were working to get rid of it.

Jackie sighed dejectedly, sliding down against the wall into a sitting position, her heavy bag resting in her lap.

She was sure that anyone else who found themselves in this position, with Friday night now free, would be elated. They would have a list of activities planed in simple seconds. But Jackie was not anyone like that.

“Hmm.” Jackie sighed looking down at her watch to check the time 7:30 the library would be closed by now, most of her favorite hang out spots would be closing soon and she’d finished her homework before she’d come. Her night was completely empty, this was depressing.

Jackie looked up from her watch as the sound of echoing footsteps joined her in the secluded hall.

“Did the janitor lock the doors again?” The new comer asked when he spotted Jackie sitting on the floor. She recognized him as one of the boys from her lab, he was always reading in the back of class. Normally Jackie would’ve thought that an amiable quality but found it terribly rude to read an unrelated book in class.

“Nah, the lab is cancelled tonight.” Jackie answered.

“Huh. Why?” The young man asked scanning over the notice.

“Virus.” Jackie answered.

“Gotcha.” The young man said taking a step back from the notice and leaning his right shoulder against the wall. He stared off into space biting his lower lip seemingly trying to decide what to do with his new found freedom.

“So is this your protest against bad firewalls or inconvenient virus infiltrations?” He inquired about her choice of station.

“No, I’m just thinking.” Jackie said.

The guy laughed.

“Friday night free what a novel idea.” He mused sarcastically.

“Yes, I’m trying to think, what would a normal person do?” Jackie said.

“Screw that I’m gonna get coffee and sleep.” Said the young man.

Jackie sniggered.

“Sounds like a contradiction to chemistry.”

“An adventure though.” He offered her his hand. “Dean.”

“Jaclyn, but everyone calls me Jackie.” She said shaking his hand.

He gave her hand a tug and pulled her to her feet.

“I guess I’ll see you Tuesday then Jaclyn.” He said with a fair well nod and walked back down the way he’d come.

“Yeah.” Jackie said picking up her things and heading off in the opposite direction.

Jackie climbed up from the basement, where the labs were held, and was greeted by the usual Friday night crowd. The technology nerds with no weekend life walking from one computer lab to another with a half finished project in hand and various sizes of bulging backpacks slung over their shoulders. Then there were the rushers, those students who were running around trying to cram last minute for a project due the next morning. Did they never learn? One could save on stress and coffee money if they simply finished their work in a timely manner.  And of course there were those strange students like Jackie who actually scheduled class on Friday.

Jackie left the technology center saying good night to the night time janitorial squad which she’d come to know on a first name basis from all the times she had to wheedle them into keeping class rooms and labs open for ten extra minutes so she could finish her work.

The End

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