Don't look back.

This mark had a strange reckless, power over him now, the promise of magic or the opportunity to reveal this mans lie. It would was the only thing that would prove if he were looking into the eyes of his father or those of a chronic lair. It seemed a simple solution since he didn’t believe in magic.

Jace placed the bladed against the mark on Detrex’s skin, he said an incantation as the blade sliced through the flesh. Hot crimson spilled over the mark. Detrex didn’t have time to register the pain in his arm before his body was hit when an enormous shock wave starting from the soles of his feet and slamming him in the chest. His body felt hot and cold at the same time, tingling all over yet numb. The wave of energy subsided but didn’t pass, leaving him feeling alert, his senses heightened. Every muscle in his body felt twice as powerful as they had before but in a new way, capable of performing new tasks.

Detrex looked down at his arm. The cut on his arm began to heal itself leaving the phoenix hot, gold and free.

Detrex didn’t have time to marvel over this new mark, newfound potential or the fact that he was standing before his father. He was distracted by a noise that would not normally bother him seeing as it was a good couple of blocks away. But thanks to his heighten senses the footsteps echoing through the woods rung in his ear with a menacing ting.  Loud vibrations of several footsteps tremor-ed through the ground; too heavy and too many to pass as ordinary in this secluded neighborhood.

“Someone’s coming.” Detrex said.

Jace nodded.

“They were following me.”

He turned to Detrex. “I need your help, there is no time for indecision. Take this.”

 He held out a faded photograph of a young smiling couple. The woman looked like an average twenty year old girl living in the eighties, bad hair, bright colors and mesmerized by her boyfriend. The man had a strong other worldly face liken to one of Rebecca’s Greek gods. Jace flipped over the Polaroid, on the back, written over a thick chunk of white-out was an address.  

“I need to know that you will protect them.”

Detrex nodded solemnly, taking the photo.

“Also, protect your mother, and no matter what, don’t leave like I did.” Jace spoke the next words in Rebecca’s direction. “She deserves better, she always has.”

“Go.” He added.

No one moved.

“The answer to you question Rebecca ten minutes! that is how long I have left.” Jace said shaking the Swiss army knife in his hand; it grew into a large curved Arabian sword.

“No.” Rebecca cried, springing forward and throwing herself at Jace and wrapping her self around him like some sad four legged spider that could not coax its prey into staying.

Jace smiled into her hair as she pulled him closer to her though there was not much closer they could get with merging like Gustav Klimt’s the kiss painting.

“Don’t go, I was going to hold your hand, remember, as you died. Forty more years isn’t too long to wait for that. Don’t let them have you.” She whispered.

“How about you kiss me good-bye now and keep the memories of the good times.” Jace offered planting a kiss on her cheek.

Rebecca gazed at him through tear filled eyes before nodding her head slowly.

Their lips meet passionately in a steamy kiss that left the other occupant in the room feeling awkward. Detrex cleared his throat turning his back on the kissing couple.

Jace and Rebecca finally parted sharing a look of sad understanding.

Jace handed her the keys to his Mustang.

“Sorry about your yard.”  

Rebecca kissed him softly taking the keys.

“Don’t worry about it.”

“I never stopped loving you.”

“I always loved you.”

She turned away.

“Detrex lets go.”

Jace escorted them out onto the lawn and opened the door for Rebecca. She climbed into the driver’s seat and started the car.

“See ya Son.” Jace said offering Detrex a hand shake.

“See ya Jace.” Detrex said climbing into the passenger seat.

Jace nodded stepping back from the seat, his face shedding years until he appeared as Detrex had first seen him, a young twenty year old magical persevered and smug as anything.

Rebecca pulled off the lawn as Jace’s adversaries emerged racing down the street a band too great for one man to defeat. But Jace’s confidence didn’t waver as he readied his sword. Rebecca stepped on the gas and tore down the silent street, driving faster and with more determination than Detrex had ever seen her drive before.

“Don’t look back.” She whispered.

But Detrex did look back; watching Jace receding in the rearview mirror and as his mother slammed around their corner and speed down the main street Detrex realize that was the last time he’d ever see his father and wished he’d said more.

The End

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