Slipping Secrets

Rebecca gave a frustrated sigh pushing herself off the couch.

“No.” She said walking into the kitchen, her refuge from difficult situations.

Jace followed her.

“B, I’m dying.” He reminded.

“Not my fault.” Rebecca snapped, turning on him and forcing him back into the living room with her accusatory finger. “You’d still be alive if you’d stayed.” She reminded.

“And be dishonored?!”

“Oh, define honor?! Fathers have honor too!”

Detrex froze.

“What did you say?”

“She said I’m your father.” Jace repeated.

Rebecca gasped at her mistake; bringing her hand to block her mouth for fear of more secrets escaping.   

“You’re what?” Detrex asked, scanning Jace’s face.

“Take it for what it is, I left because I had a duty to my people and to your mother, my presence would’ve brought nothing but trouble and my kingdom need my assistance.”

“Your frozen kingdom.” Detrex snapped.

“Yes, all the more reason to help it. Detrex I am sorry.” He said sincerely. “Sometimes I wish I could turn back time and…it doesn’t matter. You are my son, you are a knight it is our duty to protect what the kingdom stands for and hope that it will one day be unlocked once more.”

“You’re not taking him for me too!” Rebecca cried.

Jace turned too her sternly.

“If I don’t they will, and they’ll take more than just him, the war is coming the humans.”

Detrex growled frustrated. Everyone in this house was talking magic gibberish as if it were as real as the present politics. It was strange that in a house of crazy talk he was the one who was abnormal for disbelieving it.

Rebecca gave a resigned sigh.

“Why did I have to choose adventurous.” She sighed. “Bob was a lawyer, a nice, simple lawyer.” She muttered to herself.

“Detrex if within the next two minutes you still don’t believe my story as true I will leave and you will never see me again. All I ask is that you just let me prove it.” Jace said retrieving a Swiss Army knife from his pocket.

“Whoa, what are you doing?” Detrex demanded stepping back.

“You’re half elf you’ve got magical powers.” Rebecca explained.

Detrex looked blankly at her. Jace took this moment and grabbed Detrex’s forearm and pointed to a faded birth mark.

“Concealment charm.”

Speaking in a language that sounded like Gaelic he waved his hand over the birth mark.

The black mark turned to liquid on Detrex’s arm and reformed into a seal of a phoenix in flight caught in a circular border.

Detrex starred at his arm transfixed, not knowing what to say.

“The House of Crystal Flames.” Jace said showing Detrex his own arm, however his phoenix was gold and there was no circle surrounding it.

“When I left I put a Caging Charm on you, you would not be able to use your powers then no one would be able to sense them. If I break this circle,” He traced the black circle with the tip of his blade. “All that changes, you’ll be a knight, and you’ll have power, honor and responsibilities.”

Detrex looked over to his mother, she looked away.

“Do it.” Detrex said.

The End

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