Chapter Two.

The story was strange, fantastic and quite frankly unbelievable but under strict instructions Detrex was not to interrupt. He was to listen closely whether he believed the story was true or not. Jace started off the story in the worst possible way, going on with this dreadfully boring description of your average pearly white castle. It had looming towers, and a panther on their flag, and get this the panther was white! But Jace insisted this castle was different from others, he kept using words like valiant, noble, wise and other such heroic terms to describe the color and structure of the castle. Which was nice and all only after this description Jace said something that made the first part of the story irrelevant.

“The castle doesn’t look like that any more.”

Detrex rolled his eyes for the umpteenth time. In fact if Jace continued on with this story he was afraid his face would freeze in this exasperated expression. 

Jace then went on to describe the destruction of the castle in explicate detail, oh yes! And then he mentioned the castle was in the sky, you know floating on clouds which were not part of the human world. If Detrex ever believed Jace’s story he stopped at flying castle.

In Detrex’s opinion this story was perfectly useless, to risk sounding like a brat he’d even go as far as to say, in an irritated tone, that this was not the story he wanted to hear. He wanted to know the story that would explain the way his mother was looking at Jace, or why Jace appeared to be aging years in just minutes getting older and older before his eyes. He wanted to know why it was that Jace’s hand felt that its one purpose in life was to rest on Rebecca’s thigh and caress her leg with its fingers.

But instead he was learning about some dumb castle, in the sky, which had frozen after the last male heir had jump to his death from the pursuit of an army seeking the treasure of his castle. The castle was named Thane, apparently they were Irish.  After that Jace went into the story of a war that had started after the prince’s death. Two armies, one sounding more evil than the other, were fighting to find the Prince Jarek’s, the last male heir, son who would then claim the treasure. This war over the heir persisted despite the fact that Prince Jarek had no son or wife. Then Jace mentioned the armies were both magical, consisting of some mythical creatures presently scouring New York and New Jersey for this male heir. Jace’s family had been knights of the frozen castle and were assigned to protect the heir and the throne.

“Um-uh.” Detrex said when Jace had finally finished. “Why did I just listen to this?” He demanded of his mother.

“You tell me, what have you learned?” Jace asked.

“The castle is a popsicle, with no male heir to defrost it. Boo hoo get a blow torch!” Detrex complained.

Jace looked over to Rebecca and stated the obvious.

“He doesn’t believe me.”

“No.” Rebecca said facetiously. “He sounds like he’s trying to find solutions.”

Jace snorted.

“Do you?” Detrex asked his mother. “Believe him.”

Rebecca sighed.

“It’s complicated.”

“Only because you keep lying.” Detrex accused. “I’m not stupid, I know what he is.”

“Smart boy.” Jace mused. “Let me tell him.” He pleaded.

The End

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