Awkward reunion.

Detrex watched this reunion with curiosity, silenced by his mother’s tone.

“I can’t say.” The man replied taking on a defensive look against her boring stare.

The silence that followed was an unfriendly one, both Rebecca and the stranger wore expressions of hurt and mistrust poorly masked by anger, and remorse. 

“I told you I would come back.” The man said at last.

“When you’re dying!” Rebecca exclaimed her voice creaking as tears trickled down her cheek. She sighed rolling her eyes at the tears that made streams of her cheek.

“Why am I crying? This is stupid. I knew when you left that the only time we’d be together was when I held your hand as you heroically died.” She rolled her eyes at the dramatically cinematic notion.

“I made no promises.” The man reminded.

Rebecca shook her head, her mouth moving to form the words ‘oh but you did’ however, her voice wouldn’t carry them past her lips.

“Mom, what is going on?” Detrex asked unable to restrain himself any longer.

The two adults looked at him, as if just realizing their reunion was not a private one.

“Detrex this is…” she paused. “His name is Jace Trenton, a friend. ”

She gave Jace a meaningful look. “Just a friend.”

He nodded grimly.

Detrex glanced of over at Jace with a frown, Jace didn’t look old enough to have such a history with his mother.

“Mom, I don’t understand.” Detrex said.

His mom wiped the tears from her eyes, leaving no trace of her sobs save for the heated red on her eyes.

“Come inside Jace, you do the explaining.” Rebecca said standing back from the door way to let them pass. “And for God sake Jace, enough with the vanity, you’re dying for crying out loud.”

Jace’s smile returned as he passed through the door.

“If it bothers you so much.” He said but did nothing more, however, his face became more relaxed like he’d just released a very heavy object he’d been carrying.

Detrex entered the house behind Jace, shutting the door quietly watching his mother and Jace.

Though, he’d just been in the living room less than five minutes ago, and his homework was still scattered over the coffee table and couch Detrex felt like a stranger here. Between Rebecca and Jace there was no room for him, their relationship was a complex mystery and presently it took up all the space in the company. All he could do was watch and hope to find some way to make heads or tales of this situation.

“Do you have any tea Becky?” Jace asked stepping over Detrex’s work and lowering himself onto the couch.

“Sure, peppermint or rosebud?” she asked.

Jace smiled.


“I never understood your taste in tea.” Rebecca remarked, turning away towards the kitchen once the door had closed behind her Detrex turned to Jace.

The End

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