A castle in the sky was frozen after the death of its last male heir, locking within it's chambers a great treasure.
Now two armies, one sounding less evil than the other, are fighting to be the first to retrieve that treasure.


Never had Prince Jarek, the last male heir of castle Thane, paid more attention to writing out a name than he had in those moments. Every letter was perfectly curved and written with such meaning.

He folded his note into the envelope marked Jace. He knew that his old friend would be the only one to survive this massacre. He had to, Jace was always the survivor. 

Prince Jarek turned and faced the door the letter held tightly in his hand. He could smell the fire that licked the walls of his castle, and hear the blows that shattered the stone walls of the castle and destroyed their heritage. He could hear the screams of his people mixed with the foot steps of his enemies, racing up the stairs carrying his death in their arms.

The door to the prayer room burst open and the enemy filed in, ready to deal out the blow that would gain them this castle. Prince Jarek smiled, removing the crown from his head. It was a small sacrifice for such a victory.

Before any could stop him, he turned on the spot and dashed towards the window.

“No, stop him!” one of the attackers cried but it was useless.

Prince Jarek deposited the crown on the windowsill before throwing himself out the window and towards his death. he landed down below on the streets of bustling Manhattan one name on his lips and a letter clutched tightly in his fist.

Upon the moment of his death the castle Thane was hit by an enormous gust of wind brushing the ice in from the mountains and freezing everyone inside the castle and those who would enter afterwards. They would only be freed when the next male heir set foot onto the palace grounds. But Prince Jarek had never been married, and had no male heir. So it would seem the palace was doomed to stay a frozen castle in the sky.


Ooooooooo 18 years later ooooooooooO

A Slick blue Mustang pulled into the driveway at such a speed to have obtained many speeding tickets! The brakes gave a sharp, whining screech as the driver slammed on the petal! The tires squealed as the car skidded dangerously on the loose gravel driveway emitting the smell of burnt rubber. The high profile front bumper of the Mustang smashed through the decorative torches that lined the driveway. The car churned jerkily to a halt half way across the dew sprinkled lawn, mulching the grass as it went. The slick car jerked to a halt only feet from destroying Rebecca’s beloved collection of mini marble Greek gods and goddess’.

            Alerted by the terrifying noise, ripping through the peaceful Sunday afternoon, broadcasting trouble, Detrex raced from the living room of the assailed house. He crashed through the front door and jogged out into the front lawn to find the owner of the Mustang climbing gingerly from his dented car laughing and muttering to himself.

            The owner was a tall good looking young man no older than twenty-five, with long thick ginger brown hair and amber eyes. He was dressed with an expensive taste and a rebellious hint.

“Wha…wha.. whoa” Detrex complained dashing across the lawn in long strides, taking in the damage.

The man staggered to his feet his laughter subsiding into an ironic smile. He had a bad limp to his walk.

“You just, wrecked…what the hell were you thinking?!!” Detrex sputtered moaning at the damage.

The man laughed clasping Detrex on the shoulder, he whispered.

“Your life is just about to get a lot more hellish.” He gave a breathless laugh.

Before Detrex could retort to this strange remark, the man staggered towards the house.

“Rebecca!” He called.

“How--you know my mother?” Detrex demanded incredulously, following as the stranger climbed slowly up the steps to the porch.

“Oh do I know her.” The man smiled.

The front door swung open to reveal Rebecca framed in the doorway, from where she had been watching the exchange.

Rebecca was a well kept woman of early forty, with hazel eyes and golden brown hair. She was dressed weekend casual, sweats and her son’s college sweater. Her hair was a gold bird’s nest of relaxed French braids.

“Becky.” The stranger managed a relieved smile which quickly turned sheepish under Rebecca’s empty stare.

“I’m back.” He said his gaze faltering.

“So how long do you have?” Rebecca asked coolly.

The man feigned confusion as to what she meant.

“To live?” She added.

The End

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