Tiny rowing boat

I sat down on the back lawn, staring out towards the overgrown garden my mum had once taken such good care of, and across the lake where I had many memories of me and my mum going out in her tiny rowing boat, far away from my father, and just sitting, talking and laughing. She always made me laugh.  

“How’re you feeling?” Mark asked, sitting down next to me

“Better,” I answered truthfully, “I needed to come here. Thank you so much for bringing me,”
I smiled at him, and he smiled warmly back.

“I’ve missed this place,” I muttered, after a few moments of silence

“I can’t believe your Dad really put that you have to be married before you inherit this place in his will,” Mark muttered, rolling his eyes in disbelief.

“I know… but that’s just the way he was. He didn’t think a woman should have the responsibility of owning his house and business and everything. Sexist pig,”

Mark smiled slightly, “Well he was certainly wrong there. You’d be so much better at running this place than I would ever be. You’re honestly the cleverest person I’ve ever met. I’m glad you’ve started working hard again,”

“Me too,” I smiled “I’m going to prove my dad wrong, and make my mum proud.”
Mark smiled at me, and I smiled back. I was so glad we’d met again. He was a truly great friend.

The End

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