Never laughed so much

It took forever to organise, and I nearly gave up 100 times, but me, Lucy, Hannah, Mark and Tommy were all going to go out together. I was so excited to see them all, especially since I hadn’t seen Hannah and Tommy together since they started going out.

I put on my usual black skinny jeans, converse and leather jacket before setting out on the task of applying my make-up. I didn’t care that it was only three o’clock and we weren’t meeting till five, I was determined to be early and not late as usual. I lined my dark brown eyes with as much eyeliner as I could manage, as usual, and then sat on the sofa, staring at the clock, willing the two hours to pass so that I could see my friends. After what seemed like forever of waiting, the clock finally struck half past four, and I practically ran out of the front door to the bus stop.

“There you are!” Lucy shouted, when she spotted me.

“Not quite as late as usual, but still late,” Hannah laughed.

I looked at my watch. Ten minutes late. I really didn’t know how I managed it, I got ready two hours early, and still arrived late. “Shut up, Hannah!” I shouted back, “I tried really hard!”

“Clearly not hard enough” Hannah joked, I ran at her, she screamed and tried to run away, but she was too slow, as I managed to grab her and half tickle her to death.

We wondered back over to the rest of the group, my arm still round her shoulders, giggling together.

“Hey,” Mark smiled

“Hi,” I smiled back.

Hannah winked at me before throwing herself on Tommy. It took me a few seconds before I figured out what the wink was all about. As we walked up to Pizza Hut, I pulled her to one side,

“There’s nothing going on between me and Mark,” I informed her sternly “We’re just friends. He’s helping me”

Hannah laughed, “Yeah, right. I’ve seen the way you look at him,”
”Shut up Hannah!” I half-joked, she stuck her tongue out at me before running back to Tommy.

“What was all that about?” Mark asked me

“Nothing,” I replied, sighing, “Just Hannah being…. Hannah”

I’d never laughed so much as I laughed that night. Tommy and Hannah were really sweet together, and he seemed like he was a really nice guy, and that he would be good to her. I was glad, she deserved someone like that.

I was only sorry when the night had to end.

The End

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