I groaned, and fumbled desperately for the switch for my lamp, I squinted as my eyes tried to adjust to the light. My head was throbbing, and I thought I was going to be sick. I clutched my stomach and ran to the bathroom; I sat on the cold, hard floor, heaving for over half an hour. It was what I deserved for getting so drunk last night. Again. The third night this week, and it was only Thursday. When I finally had the strength to stand I wondered over to my bedroom. I hadn’t been sleeping, not only due to the fact that baby Katrina would wake at least six times in the night, but also because my nightmares had gotten worse since… since Tommy’s party.

My phone buzzed on my bedside table, it was Mark, same as every morning. He’d been texting me every morning since I met him in the park a month ago, the day Katrina was born.

You going into college today?


The same thing he text me every morning, he knew I didn’t really go to college anymore, he didn’t know why, he just knew I didn’t. After what happened, at the party, I’d stopped going. Stopped wanting to, in fact, I hardly left the house anymore.

I’d decided today would be different, yes, I was hung over, yes I would be over an hour late, but I figured it didn’t matter. I wanted to get back to normal. Or to at least try.

Yes, I am


I text back. Moments later my phone buzzed again:

Really? Two times this week… must be a record ;)



Haha.. ur real funny.


I got dressed quickly and ran out the door, practically running all of the way to college. I was really grateful for Mark’s support, I hadn’t actually seen him since the day Katrina was born, but I would correct that soon. Actually, I should invite all of my friends round soon. I hadn’t seen them all in so long.

I'd decided this morning, after waking up hungover yet again, that I couldn't go on this way, I had to start changing. I was going to start seeing my friends, going to college, and being there for my family. I was going to make something of myself be somebody. I was going to prove my father wrong.




The End

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