All I need

A few hours later, and Alex had decided that Mark and Luke were coming back to our flat.

Alex and Luke had gone into Alex’s room to play while me and Mark stayed in the living room.

I had just made Mark a cup of tea, and put it down on the coffee table when the phone began to ring, I charged towards it eagerly, praying that it would be Uncle Sam with some news about Jo and the baby.

“Sam, is that you?” I asked immediately

“Yeah it is,” I heard Sam’s voice say.

“Thank God, is everything ok?”

“Yes, everything’s perfect. Jo’s really well, exhausted, but well.”
”And..?” I asked impatiently “How’s the baby, is it a boy, like I said?”
”Nope. You were wrong. We have a little girl.” Uncle Sam said, the joy clear in his voice. Then his tone changed as he said, “Ruth, Jo wanted to call the baby Katrina. We wanted to ask you first, to make sure that it was ok,”
I flinched at the mention of my mum’s name. I tried to compose myself. It was not normal to be so shocked every time someone mentioned her.

“Ruth? Are you there?”
”Yeah, I’m here,” Was all I could think to say.

“Is it ok? She was Jo’s sister, and we just want to make sure that her memory is kept alive.”
”Yeah, it’s fine,” I said trying to keep my voice from breaking, “It’s a nice idea. Mum would have liked it.”

I hung up and sat on the sofa next to Mark. Still in shock.

“You ok?” Mark asked

“Yeah, I’m fine,” I forced myself to smile at him, “My auntie’s had a little girl, and there gonna call her Katrina.”
”That’s a pretty name,”

“It is. It’s beautiful.”

Me and Mark started talking again, and we talked for hours, until Luke came charging into the room.

“I need to go!” He shouted, “It’s five o’clock and my mummy will be angry if I’m not back for tea!”

I looked at the clock, Christ, me and Mark had been talking for over three hours, and I hadn’t even noticed.

“Oh, God, Luke,” I said “I’m sorry, I didn’t realise, get your coat and I’ll take you down now” I turned to Mark, “Do you mind staying here with Alex for a few minutes, Luke only lives on the floor below us.”
Mark nodded, “Yeah, that’s fine”

As I walked Luke back to his flat, I tried to remember exactly why me and Mark had stopped talking to each other in the first place. When Ant and I were together, we’d always gotten on really well and were always talking together at parties and texting each other afterwards. I guess that after me and Ant broke up, I’d just wanted to completely cut communication with him and anything or anyone to do with him. That was what I did best, run away from things.

The End

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