“Ruth!” Alex screamed, charging into my room “Wake up, wake up!”
”What is it Alex?” I grumbled, hiding under the covers

“It’s mummy, it’s mummy!” He shouted breathlessly “she’s started having contractors!” He pulled the covers off me.

I sat bolt upright. “Contractions, Alex” I muttered as I marched out of my room “She’s having contractions not contractors,”

Auntie Jo was in the living room, gripping onto a chair and doing that deep breathy thing.

“Look…after…Alex” Auntie Jo said breathlessly

I nodded, “I will, just get to the hospital.”

Uncle Sam came running out of his and Aunt Jo’s bed room, carrying the bag that had been packed for hospital. He ushered Auntie Jo out of the flat, and slammed the door behind him, leaving me and Alex stood in the middle of the room, in silence. Eventually, Alex walked forwards and grabbed my hand.

“Will she be ok?” He whispered

“Yeah,” I answered, “She’ll be fine, Alex.”
”But it looked like she was being hurt,”
I smiled at his innocent remark, “She is, sweetheart, it hurts when you have a baby”

“Oh,” He muttered, “Can I sleep in your bed?”

I nodded, and picked him up, carrying him into my room.


We’d heard nothing all morning, so I decided to take Alex to the park to take our mind off it, he had decided to invite his friend, Luke, to the park with him. They had been in the same class all year, but had only just found out that they lived in the same building, so of course now they were inseparable. It was a Saturday, so I figured the park would be packed, but it was strangely empty.

I sat on one of the swings, watching Alex and Luke chase each other around the park.

“Hey,” I heard a voice say.

I looked up to see Mark- who I hadn't seen in forever- stood over me. 

 “Hey,” I muttered

“I’ve not seen you since you broke up with Ant.”

“I know, I just wanted to cut all ties with him, and Sam.” I said, I had always meant to call Mark, since we got on so well, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. “You been ok?”

“Yeah, alright, pretty much the same really,” He smiled “You?”

I nodded, “Pretty much, moved house, failed a few exams, and my Auntie’s giving birth right now.”

He looked so shocked that I had to laugh, “Giving birth? Right now?”

I nodded, laughing.

“Nice,” He said, sitting down next to me

We watched the kids play for a bit before I finally plucked up the courage to ask: “Do you still see Ant?”

Mark and Anthony were best friends, and had been pretty much their whole lives, while I was still with Anthony.

“No,” He said, “Got a bit sick of him really, the drink, the drugs, the sleeping around. I guess sleeping with his girlfriend’s best friend was the final straw.”

I smiled slightly, “I always thought someone like you shouldn’t be hanging around with someone like him.”

He chucked, “And I always knew you were way too good for him,”

I looked at him, unsure of what to say next, we were interrupted by Alex charging over, calling Mark.
”Come play, come play!” He shouted “I’ve not seen you in ages, I want to play that game again!”

Mark laughed “Fried eggs?” He asked, Alex nodded enthusiastically and the pair of them ran off.

The End

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