Meant to live

“Mummy! Mummy!” Cried the girl, she was filled with fear, she was terrified and alone.

They were taking her, taking her away. She knew she would never see her mummy again. She cried again, her cries echoed across the field, but they were heard by no-one.



“You look exhausted, Ruth,” Lucy said, looking concerned.

I nodded, “I am,”

Me, Lucy and Hannah were sat in McDonalds after just coming from the cinema, it had taken us forever to decide what film we wanted to watch, but we had finally settled on a horror, filled with blood and guts and death – it had been my influence mainly that had made us go for this option, obviously.

“God, why did we have to watch that film,” Hannah moaned, pushing her burger away from her. “I feel too sick to eat anything now.”

I laughed, “Sorry, Han, but there was no chance I was watching that Jennifer Aniston rom-com thing,” I pulled a disgusted face.

Hannah shrugged, “I like Jennifer Aniston,” she muttered into her coke.

“Are you really not gonna eat that burger?” I asked, when Hannah shook her head, I eagerly tucked in, I was starving.

“Have you heard from Samantha at all?” Hannah asked, nearly making me choke.

I noticed Lucy’s quick threatening glance at Hannah, telling her to shut up.

“No I haven’t” I answered firmly “Don’t want to either,”
”Don’t suppose you do, after what she did. Her and Ant,” Hannah shuddered, ignoring both my tone and Lucy’s glance, “I’m so glad for what you did to Ant though. He deserved it so bad!”

I smiled at the memory, after I found out that Ant had slept with my supposed best friend, Samantha, I hit him. Hard. Broke his nose. Then, I found Samantha, hit her too. She fought back, pathetically though, all girly, scratching and biting, pulling at my hair. I knocked her down with one clean blow, and haven’t seen her since.

“C’mon guys,” Lucy groaned, “Lets not talk about that, it’s in the past now.”
Hannah nodded, “Good idea,”

“I have an even better idea,” I said, smiling my wicked smile, “Let’s get drunk,”

 Less than an hour later, me, Lucy and Hannah were stumbling round the town centre, laughing at everything, and gripping onto each other just to stay upright.

Hannah gasped and pointed at a man walking down the road, on the opposite side to us, wearing a grey hoodie, with the hood pulled up and sweat pants.

“That’s Tommy Love,” She slurred, “I used to have the biggerest crush on him in year eight, remember?”
Lucy and I giggled, she had made it so obvious, the whole school knew.

“Oi! Tommy!” I shouted,

“Shhhh!” Hannah tried to hit me on the arm, but missed, “I don’t want him to…”
Too late, he had turned, seen us, and started to cross the road towards us.

“Crap.” Hannah whispered.

Tommy had a huge grin on his face as he walked over to us, Hannah gripped my hand, trying her hardest not to look embarrassed, and failing.

“Hey, girls,” he smirked, “what you up to?”

“Nuffin really,” I slurred “Just hangin’ round, bein drunk, havin’ fun.”
Lucy started to giggle next to me.

Tommy’s smile grew, “Well I know an even better way for you girls to have fun,”

“And what’s that?” I asked, placing my hand on my waist.

“Come to mine. I’m having a party.”

The End

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