Ramble On

“Alex! Hurry up!” I shouted through the bathroom door, he’d demanded that he could get himself washed and dressed and brush his own teeth without any assistance from me or his mum.

“I huss see a mini!” He called back, his mouth full of toothpaste; I guessed he meant to say ‘I’ll just be a minute’

 “Alex, the removal men are waiting for us, we need to get to the new flat soon.” I called,

I heard him spit, and the tap start running.

“Ruuuuth?” He asked, opening the door,

“Yeeees?” I answered, copying his child-like questioning tone

“When we live in the new flat, will we still have the same room?”
”No, Alex honey, we’ll have a brand new room.” I answered,

Alex rolled his eyes and sighed, “No, I didn’t mean that” he said exasperatedly

I smiled, he could be so funny, “What did you mean then?”

“I mean will we still share a room?”
I shook my head, “No, in the new flat you’ll have a room all by yourself,”
”Oh,” He sounded slightly disappointed

“What’s wrong with that?”
He shrugged, and then looked around to make sure no one was listening, “If you’re not there, then there’ll be no-one to check for the boogeyman” He whispered

I laughed, “I promise that I’ll still come and check every night, Alex,”
He looked relieved, and then skipped out of the front door, towards his mum who was talking to one of the removal guys. I took a moment to look around the flat I had lived in since arriving at my Aunt and Uncle’s doorstep that cold December afternoon, before walking out of the front door.

The car journey was a quick one, our new flat was only 5 minutes down the road, and it didn’t take us long to unpack either, we didn’t really have that much stuff.

I opened the window of my new room, and listened to the sounds outside. I could hear a baby screaming near-by, kids playing down below, loud music blaring out of someone’s car and the distant sounds of police sirens. Oh well. This flat may not be the best place to raise a family, actually it was probably one of the worst, but it beat starving. I closed the window, shutting out the noise, and began to unpack the last box, I tried not to think about it as I put the note in my bed-side drawer.

I heard my phone ring, signaling a text

Hey, not seen u in ages, did the movin in go ok?



I sighed as I read the text, realizing that I really hadn’t seen her, or any of my friends in weeks. I’d sort of been in a daze since the summer, not concentrating on anything, not caring about anything. I thought for a long while about what to text back before deciding:

Hi :) The move went fine. Inno, I’m sorry, I’ve just been dead busy we should all meet up this weekend



I stared out of my window as I waited for a reply, rain was lashing down on the dull, grey surroundings. My phone rang again:

Yeah, deffo. We could go to the cinema



I felt strange as I was organizing to go out with my friends, I was sure it wasn’t supposed to feel like this. I was dreading it. My best friends in the whole world, and I was dreading seeing them. I crawled into my new bed, and lay there for a while. It would do me some good to see my friends, I tried to convince myself. I love them, they love me. It’ll be good.

The End

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