I turned to look back at my dad; I saw blood stains all over his body and bruises at various parts of his body. His clothing had dirt all over it and ripped holes at random places.  

Compared to dad, the cage was completely opposite. It looked brand new. It was really finely made; the corners were round instead of pointed, the metal used was fine-looking.

“The only thing we want from your dad is the truth, but he won’t tell us so we brought you here to see if he would start talking after he sees his little princess playing with us.” The bold man had a creepy voice, the kind which would normally be from the evil villain in movies.

Something clicked.

“You’re that man…” I turned to face my dad again, “Dad you promised! You promised you wouldn’t again! YOU PROMISED DAD!!”

“Now that we’re all on the same line princess, tell us what we want to know or else…”

“…you won’t get anything out of him.” I turned and looked at the bold guy. “Not even if you kill me right in front of him.”

The End

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