A girl trying to save her dad.
She tells the tale of her weird life to three men- one of them will be the one who ends her life...


I kept repeating myself. I didn’t know if he would hear me. I didn’t know if anyone heard me.

I was in total darkness and I couldn’t hear or feel anything that could help me to reconise where I was.

Suddenly I heard people walking; they were getting closer towards me and were walking in unison. They reminded me of army marching only their steps weren’t as evident.

The lights went on and all of a sudden I saw three men looking down on me. I felt like I was under the spotlight.

The bold man who was in the middle kept his eyes firmly on me and looked as if he was trying to analyse something.

“Where is my dad? What have you done to him?”

The bold guy merely shook him head and continued to analyse me.

I heard some noise behind me. I saw a cage being lowered from the soaring ceiling. I saw my dad inside of the cage.

“DADDY!!” I turned to look back at the bold man, “what have you done to him?”

The bold man again shook his head and continued to analyse me.

“Let him go! What has he done to you to deserve this? LET HIM GO!!”

The End

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