The cells lined the walls as far as the eye could see stacked miles high towering above the doctors like clinical white skyscrapers. Doctor Alexander always objected strongly to the name 'cells' she preferred to call them 'rooms' all be it human sized icy rooms, waiting rooms for the wealthy but unfortunate human beings waiting for a second chance, hoping for a time when they could continue their lives cut all too short by illness, disease or in some cases fatal injuries (these cases were commonly known as a waste of good space).

For some today was that day.

 The doctors at the London Medical institute had after many years of research found the cure for a rare form of heart failure, the clinical trials had been a resounding success, patients all over the UK had a new lease of life, and the evidence suggested the same technology could work on the cryogenically frozen bodies at the St Willans institute. There were three 'guests' who had died from the disease-   Lucy Hope, the 25 year old daughter of an eccentric millionaire lottery winner, she had died in 2006 some 152 years ago. Errol Besswick, adored movie star who died aged 46 in 2010 and Georgia Teal- Maria who was widely believed to have secretly married a minor royal, or at least that was what the source of the money that had kept her suggested. She had died aged 38 in 2007.

 The barely used mechanical system that moved the cells whirred into life gently moving the cell containing a headless ex prime minister who was obviously a little optimistic about the extent of future technology making room for Errol, Lucy and Georgia. Doctor Alexander couldn't help but wonder what could be learned from these people, these people who had travelled through what was beyond life, or perhaps had been held back form any true death by the freezing process, left in limbo all these years. What changes they would find in the world, perhaps they would be better to stay where they were, perhaps she should tell her colleagues it was too late for them and the power cut the previous week had infact effected them before the back up generated kicked in.

 "Dr Alexander" the words interrupted her thoughts and echoed around the holding room. The slim dark figure of Doctor Kane Wilson scurried towards her holding a clipboard which clasped in his bony hands looked simply too big to be allowed. "Who shall we start with?"

The End

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