Syd looked past me at the woman-shaped murder hole he was about to fall into.

"Come on, guys. I'm sure we can work this out like civilized folk". The sweat pooled on my knife selling the desperation in his voice.

I heard the click of the barrel as Elena finished loading.


There wasn't even a gunshot. Just a painful ringing and modern art piece where a man used to be. "Irv! Can I get a towel?" It was quiet as we cleaned up and helped Irv drag the bodies to the incinerator; Elena and I drained from what had been an extremely long day and Irv confused and disturbed at the sudden violence that had skittered through his bar. The relative silence afforded me a moment of reflection. Over the course of the day I'd accepted a job that stood equal chances of leading nowhere or killing half the population of World's End, killed two men for free, made an alliance with someone I was supposed to remove, and participated in the assassination of a rather useful client. Not the wisest series of choices, but I've had worse days.

The three of us finished off the cleaning and sat at the bar for a drink. A glass of lukewarm turpentine later and I was ready to retire to my apartment above the bar. I said as much as I stood and wandered toward the stairs in back.

The End

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