Unforeseen CircumstancesMature

"What the hell, man?!" Johnson sat arms flung into the air, he and his other bodyguard looking shocked and confused. Shit. He had hired me for a hit, and here I am covered in blood with a fresh wrapped wound on my hand. must be a good time to test my improvisational skills.

"Sorry if I'm a little tetchy Sydney. Your second string had it in his head to eliminate some competition." I sauntered over to his table, nodding an apology to Irv on my way and trying to look more annoyed then terrified. "You know its bad manners to double book."

And just like that we went from triple murder to boardroom. "Now now Page you know I have to protect my interests. Miss Coventree is... was an unpredictable target and with all the commotion today I couldn't be sure you would get to her if she chose to flee the city." A hint of movement in the window behind Johnson, this was going to be quick.

"Well congratulations Sydney, you've changed my policy. You're going to give me my fee, his fee and a twenty percent public service bonus for liquifying a hostile asset. That guy was a sicko, Syd. Think of the children next time you hire a professional murder." The bodyguard moved first, the sawed-off under his jacket leaping into his hand as his forehead erupted from Elena's shot. Johnson barely had time to go from livid to confused to pants-shat before I was across the table with a forearms worth of steel at his throat.

The End

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