Lifetime GuaranteeMature

This was a bad idea.

I slowly reached for my knife, my left hand palm up in front of me. Her face went dark as her hand slid towards her pistol. The tension in the air was enough to make me feel nauseous. Ever so slowly I placed my knife on the table and pushed it towards her so the blade would face me. Laying my hands palm up on the table, carefully way from my pig-sticker I settled on something stupid.

"A partner". She looked as though I'd picked the cutter up and slapped her with it. My heart stopped.

"At least on a trial basis. This job smells like hell. it'd be nice to have some back up. Besides, you just took a skinning like a trip to the market. Seems its within my best interest to be on your side."

She just sat there, staring at me. The certainty that I was going to die today crept up my spine. In two quick movements she had the knife in her hand and both of our palms had been slit. She reached out with her bleeding hand and grabbed mine, pressing the wounds together. Holding my eyes with hers she squeezed, making sure our blood mixed.

"If you stab me in the back I will shoot you in the face". She said it with a clarity and finality that left no doubt in me. If she died, so would I.

The End

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