Miracles of... Science?Mature

She rolled her eyes at my frantic searching.

"Hand me that thing that looks like a pissed off tape roller." She grumbled, halfheartedly pointing to a random shelf.

I found it and handed it her way, all at once more curious than nervous. She stuck the end of the tape to the ragged edge of the skin on her belly and held the dispenser out to me.

"Wrap it tight. Get as much covered as you can." She grabbed the rotgut and drank deep, holding the tape in place with one hand.

The nerves passed quickly as I cocooned her midsection in plastic. It turned an opaque white and tightened as her body warmed it. When it was done she threw a shirt on, kicking around like she hadn't just suffered massive trauma. Taking the better part of valor I chose to abandon the wetwork that had brought me here. Whatever experiments Elena had been doing with her Collection she had officially landed outside my pay grade.

"So what do you want?" Her cold, green eyes met mine. Waiting for the betrayal that should have been inevitable. I bit my lip, choices flitting through my mind like rabies infected bats. One of them was sure to bite me.

The End

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