Seeking reliefMature

After I retrieved my knife and cut Elena free, I gingerly lead her back into the living area and sat her down on the nearest stool while I looked for something to wrap her in and some liquor to kill the pain. I found a bottle of rotgut in a cupboard and, despite the name, she seemed very happy to see it.
    She took a long, gulping swig, like a starving infant finally exposed to the teat.
    “'The hell are you doing here?” She croaked, chin dripping wasted hooch.
“Saving your ass by the look. Or would you rather I had left the nice psychopath to finish his opus?”
    She stared at me suspiciously for a moment. Weighing the virtue in pulling the holdout pistol she had under the end table and dropping me against her debt to the man who had, just seconds ago, saved her from a long and agonizing demise.
    “Fucking mercs.” She mumbled to me, not at me, as she eased up and offered me the bottle. I passed, Starting to worry about my total lack of crisis medicine training and the alarming dearth of blood pouring from her exposed abdomen. Really, I was surprised she wasn't dead yet, even with coagulants to slow the bloodflow she should be bleeding... well like she'd been skinned.

The End

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