From Time to Time

A yellow butterfly is in search for true love. When it realizes it only brings dissatisfaction and only God is it's true love.

On a nice sunny morning, like two peas in a pod, there was a yellow butterfly in search for love it wasn't even looking for a blonde. It flew and flew searching for a better view. It tried the telephone line, not to say it even tried a green vine. It kept searching and searching for it's one true love, in spite of all things that one true love could not be found. Very very sad it cried, while it flew away it decided to commit suicide it even didn't feel qualified. One day on a nice soft tree branch, the yellow butterfly then eyed another crying out because it felt crammed. It flew to the rescue not knowing what to expect, it then perched onto the branch knowing it could help it at last. A squirrel eyed the butterfly while scurrying across the branch, the first butterfly called in a squad of butterflies to blind the squirrels eyes. The squirrel struggled and struggled but it could not break free, instead it hurried away suddenly. The second yellow butterfly hugged the first butterfly. It said 'Thank you you saved me from being crammed even from the giant squirrel while it ran. That day the first butterfly found it's love, it even was thankful it wasn't a dove. Beyond all things they both knew they were for each other. But then suddenly it started to rain, the second butterfly had to leave for it couldn’t refrain. It was interested in a another butterfly. The yellow butterfly suddenly cried out loud, then the rain stopped it began to scout. Although it couldn't find the second yellow butterfly, it's Maker above reminded it that He was it's true love. So on that day the yellow butterfly flew happily, joyfully away, not in search of another for it knew it bring it dissatisfaction but that it could enjoy it's Maker in the sunshine and everything else will come as secondary from time to time.

The End

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