Origin Story Part 1

I originally wrote this to contribute to jmsmith's "Enough To Last A Lifetime" collaboration, as an origin story to the world his story was taking place in, but it looks like he's removed his Protagonize account (?). I think my section works fine as a stand-alone story though, and I am pretty happy with how it turned out, so I still wanted to post it, although I won't be adding anything more to it.

It was said that the world started with two dragons that flew among the stars. The dragons glided on the breath of the firmament, the glittering heavenly bodies calling out to them, singing to them, loving them for their beauty and power and freedom. The dragons sang back to the stars, loving them too, and loving each other.

            They flew through their starry realm, swimming through the silky stuff of space and time until they reached a star that did not call out, did not sing to them. Curious, they stopped at the dim star. Unlike the other stars, this one was hard and cold and silent. This broken star saddened the dragons, made them pity it, and they decided to spill a bit of their own star-blood onto the planet to revive it.

            The planet came to life, but much to the dragons’ surprise, it sang its own song, unique from that of the stars. Its song was composed of thousands of different voices, small on their own, but becoming strong when singing together. New voices were added to the planet every day, each one adding their own aria to the composition. From the blood of the star-dragons had come plants and animals, and other dragons.

The End

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