From the sky

They could all feel the ship shudder under their feet. Those who weren’t already strapped in quickly corrected that as they lurched to the nearest chair.

 It suddenly became nearly impossible for Jaxun to see what was in front of him as the heat from entering the atmosphere blurred the view.  The nose seemed to be down too much and with tightly gripped hands, he pulled back on the steering with grim determination.

 The entire ship jerked violently as everyone braced themselves and held their breath.

 “If you crash us Jax, you’d better make sure you kill us too. That’s better than what Kristof will do if we lose his cargo,” Gannon barked.

 Gritting his teeth, Jaxun spoke slowly, “We…are not…going…to crash.” Clearly struggling to regain control, he fell silent.  After breaking atmo, they were in the centre of a raging storm, so stabilizing was not as simple as it should be.

 “Well, you’d better not!” Gannon raised his voice out of fear rather than aggression, but it was hard to notice a difference.

 “Because yelling at the pilot is helpful…” Dela muttered in a threatening tone through her clenched jaw.  Even though she was bracing herself with her eyes closed, Gannon’s mouth snapped shut.  There was an eerie calm on her face and it served well enough to put him in his place.

 Had Jaxun not been so focused, he would have smirked at the little scene.

The End

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