From the prison cell

From the prison cell




            I really wish I wasn’t here because it was all a dare... and I didn’t mean it but once it started with one person, I just couldn’t stop it, it’s not my fault I am now where I am… It was my mates if only I though about what I was doing…


Northdown Street was a calm, quiet street. There were only about 15 residents; two included were called Mrs Greens and Mr Wood. Just that day Mr Drag had moved in. Mr Drag was in prison before because he was wrongly accused of a murder, and all the residents knew it, therefore they were all a bit weary of him.

            Night fell and Mrs Greens came home from a long shift in the hospital as a nurse, it must have been about 11:00pm. She went and closed the curtain, after looking out of the window. Strangely she saw a tall man carrying a small black box walking into the alley was. She couldn’t quite make out who it was. Mr Wood couldn’t sleep as he had a troubled pupil (he was a teacher) so he woke up at 1:00. He opened the curtain suspecting to see nothing but the street lamps, however through the glass he saw a tall man with a small black box walking out of the alley way. Mrs Greens and Mr Wood took not much notice and carried on with what they were doing.

            The very next day there was a dead body found in the same alley way as the tall man was seen and Mr Wood and Mrs Greens had to both turn up at the court as witnesses. It was obvious that the victim was stabbed.

            “All rise in court!” shouted the judge, “Thank you.” Everyone rose and then sat back down again. The judge called up Mr Wood to say what he saw. Mr Wood said in a confident way, “At about 1 am I remember seeing a tall man exiting the alley way.”

“So, what were you doing at 1 am and where were you?” asked the judge in an intriguing way.

“I couldn’t sleep so I got up, I was in my bedroom, and my wife was there too.”

“Thank you, calling Mrs Greens to the stand!” the judge shouted.  With her long black cloak, thick, short black hair and brown, beady eyes. Mrs Green wearily stood up and walked to the stand. “Mrs Greens, please could you tell us what you witnessed, exactly?” the judge said in a sly and stern way. Mrs Greens started to explain, “I saw him at roughly 11:00pm…”

“And was he carrying anything?”

“Yeah, actually he was carrying a small black box about the size to hold a…camera”

“And what was he wearing?”

“Well, I couldn’t see because it was really dark, but it looked like he had big, thick black boots. What puzzled me most was that he kept on having furtive glances all over the place.”

“Thank you the judge said pleasantly. Mrs Greens nervously walked back to her seat. Mrs Greens was wearing a sky blue long jumper and black trousers. Mrs Greens had long, brown hair, blue eyes and a oval shaped face.

            They brought in Mr Drag, as he was a main suspect since he had been physically been put into prison before and fitted the description almost perfectly. Mr Drag just stood there, with no movement at all. He was standing making people feel very intimidated. He was wearing a long black coat, thick black shoes and fitted the description perfectly. His eyes were like hawks, he also had a very distinctive, sort of, crumpled lips. He had a long pointy nose of a witch, but a male version.

            “Mr Drag! I understand that you have been suspected of a murder correct, apparently someone looking like you was spotted at the scene of the crime…carrying a black box, do you have in your possession a small black box?” the judge asked in a very formal way. Mr Drag looked up to the judge nervously. “Yes, I do have a small black box… and I have it here with Me.” the judge sharply turned her head to the policeman as if to say take it and confiscate it! Well that was exactly what he did. He walked up slowly as if like a tiger ready to pounce. Mr Drag, still nervous, showed the policeman the box. “May I take this for examination?” asked the policeman. Suddenly I started to feel kind of sorry for the guy.

“Yeah, course!” said Mr Drag informally. The policeman snatched it of him.

            “Okay, look I have something to confess…” Mr Drag said as he sighed. The jury gasped! “I…I…am a Spy!” Confessed Mr Drag. The jury laughed. You could tell by peoples faces that they thought he had delusions of grandeur. Just at that moment the policeman came bursting through the door, in a hurry, He whispered to the judge. “It seems to be that you are an under cover agent and you are working for MI6, as this black box contains a secret spying device.” One day later more tests and questioning had been done and they had finally come to a decision that they will let Mr drag off with on charge.

            As the police did one final check about who did it, in a desperate attempt to find who the killer was, they noticed that the knife had a cornucopia of fingerprints on it. Those fingerprints were the very fingerprints that matched someone by the name of Thomas Grey. There also were a whole load of other things that they found him guilty of, which I can’t go into too much detail about!!

            So, now, currently I am stuck inside my prison cell because I killed one person because of one dare…that went out of control. And if you haven’t guessed it yet my name is…Thomas…Grey…


The End

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