From the point of view of a Passenger

This will be part of Blue Moon, a science fiction/horror novel I am working on, and this piece is an experiment to get to know these things I call Passengers. They are intelligent, sinister, and parasitic, but it would spoil a lot by saying any more. Hope you enjoy it!

How wonderful it is, to see through human eyes. How pleasing is the gentle and constant sound of their always thudding hearts. Feeling their warmth is one of the best things we could have, and better yet, is the prospect of being able to guide them in their lives. Some fear that if they tell others about our Voice, they will be accused of being insane. Some believe they truly are insane when they hear thoughts that they at first believe to be their own….but are not. It is such a sad state of affairs, as they would say. None of them know anything about the potential of their own kind, because they are just too caught up in what they perceive to be reality, what they see as "normal" and what they hope is who they are. That is why we are here to guide them, to help them, though they don't believe that way. They see us as disgusting creatures that will never benefit them, but they are wrong, so very wrong.

The woods are bitter and cold tonight. I look through the human's wide gaze and see the rich sight of snow falling gently to the forest floor. She breathes frantically, her thoughts race, and I listen intently to them.

She is lost in these woods, away from those she knows. It is entertaining to watch as she fearfully tries to figure out where to go, what to do, but as the temperature rapidly decreases, I can feel her shiver, and I can feel her heart begin to race even faster.

I have been inside several of them, all of which have wandered into these deep woods in search of something, or, in an effort to get away from something.

Odd things always seem to occur here, and I know why. The military, as they call it, has taken a liking to this particular spot, because it is secluded, secret. There's a base here. They believe it to be a perfect place to conduct their experiments. Many of the poor things don't even know that something else has a base in these woods, something not much like them in the least.

Spookymen, that's what they're called. Those like me were crafted from their DNA and the DNA of a breed of leech, though we no longer crave merely blood. Some deem it impossible for something so small to be intelligent; they think of us as pests, monsters, perhaps even vermin. But if I'm correct, vermin is actually a type of mammal on this world. We are not mammals.
We were created in labs, in a truly foolish effort to make some kind of biological weapon, but their intentions were not exactly the results. One day, one of the scientists who worked in that base was wonderfully careless. He left his meal sitting on the table, a plate of chicken and rice. He also didn't notice that one of our containment chambers were left open across the room. He didn't even look at what he was eating. He was so distracted at the ideas of his career and what could come of the experiments. By then it was too late. One of us slid down his throat before he could even chew. Then our freedom was guaranteed. The first host was on his way to carry us to brand new places, and people.

Snow falls heavily now in this region. It settles softly upon her hair. I feel as she cringes at the cold sensation of the snow upon her scalp. Through her, I feel a wide array of sensations, almost all of which are entirely pleasant. She does not yet know that I exist, or that I am within her, but when the time comes she will. I have not yet spoken, but soon she will hear my voice, whether or not she wishes to.

She hears the sound of terrible screaming in the distance. Shrieking herself in response to alert who she's heard to her presence, she begins to run in the direction where the cries continue. She wears but a sweatshirt, jeans, and hiking boots, not enough to keep warm. She shivers. She feels numb.

I will try my best to make sure that she lives. I know these woods well and I will show her the way. Danger lurks in these woods. Danger coming from things that many people wish not to fathom. Perhaps the Spookymen have taken her friends away. She is already very frightened of what could be her fate.

Perhaps she will soon find it comforting to know that someone is here with her.


The End

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