(P2) Chapter Sixteen: BlackMature

“Fuck. Fuck. Shit. Wank and fuck.”  There was a locked door between me and freedom, a war in a building three hundred yards behind me.  If we got caught we’d never have this chance again.  We’d get a bullet each, covered up as being shot during our escape, but the result would be the same.  We couldn’t simply sneak back in through what now would be an out and out warzone.  My unimaginative list of careless expletives was a product of utterly uncensored panic.  Grace hadn’t told me that there was a protocol in times of riot or attack that all entrances would be automatically locked down, or perhaps she thought that Joey would have hacked the shit out of the entire building.  Whatever had happened, Henry and I were royally and absolutely fucked.

      “Henry check for vents or anything else that can give us a way outside. Check the windows, floorboards anything.”  I tried to keep a cool timbre to overlay the absolute panic that was trembling through my throat.  It wasn’t easy, even in the dim light of our new cell you could see the ghost white pallor of Henry.  Henry immediately started scurrying around the room whilst I staked the door out thinking of options.  If we went back we’d have to hope the battle as still ensuing, but considering the rifles the guards carried against the hand to hand makeshift tools the inmates would be carrying, the battle would soon be over.  If we stayed here an armed guard would find us and shoot us for sure.  If we found a way out do we still have time to escape? Fucked.

      I heard a shout from outside, a high screaming voice, screaming a muffled instruction. I looked through the window to see a tall figure running toward the building waving their arms animatedly.  The figure was wearing urban camouflage and a balaclava, jumping erratically screaming “Et don”.  Henry joined me at the window as the maniacal figure bellowed “Gedown”, then “Etdan” and finally “GET DOWN!”

      There was a flash, and I threw my weight at Henry covering him with my body, pinning him to the floor as a bang and a rumble split the air accompanied by a sudden blast of heat. What felt like a large rock slammed into my right shoulder blade, wrenching a sudden squeal from my chest.  I was vaguely aware of a warm liquid feeling on my back as the pebble rain tapped , a frenetically against the floor around me a sound like a million robot spiders running across the room.  I could taste the stone at the back of my throat, a suffocating chalky pallet coating the inside of my throat, as a damp reedy scent filled the room. 

      I thought it was simply a product of cheesy movies that after an explosion all sound was blocked out by a high pitched ringing.  One long beep or a high toned bell with one everlasting note did indeed cut everything out.  My head began to swim, the world pulsing all around me.  Pain.  More pain.  Excruciating pain.  Then black.

The End

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