FTH ~ Move ForwardsMature

Move Forwards

Find that road that leads into your horizon
And move forwards to the sights you see
Find your motivation to reach your destination
Seek your transportation to meet your destiny

There are so many roads and avenues you can take
To reach the goals that you make
Just open your eyes to every possible means
To move forwards to meet your dreams

Apprehension or procrastination will only delay the rewards
So take control of the vehicle that you choose
Believe in yourself, and you will never lose
Just see that horizon, and move forwards

Life is full of so many roads, and the choice to make is yours
And every road has towering walls and slamming doors
Just keep your head up to see that horizon
And always try to move forwards

And be prepared for the hardships
that so many before you have endured
But meet them with your focused mind
to beat them and move forwards

And though a forwards focused mind doesn't always reach its goal on time
There's no denying,
that if you always move forwards, and always keep trying
Your road will one day reach that horizon

The End

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