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In Memory


We knew that he was ill

We tried all the treatments

We tried all of the pills

But he laid down one night

And set his alarm clock to ring

But when it went off in the morning

He didn’t hear a thing


No, the bell that rang out for him

Was not the one that sat on his night table

A different bell tolled for him in the night

And we just couldn’t stop it, we just weren’t able

And though he fought with all he could

And was feeling strong, and feeling good

A higher force, for reasons unknown

Reached down and removed him from his throne


Now some had said:

“Do not ask for whom the bell tolls!”

But those are chilling words, and frigidly cold

They lack the humanity of a story left untold

Of the family he left behind, and the parents who’ll now grow old

Without their son to watch grow up in this world


Some had even found it okay to say:

“One day you’re here, the next you’re not!”

But that’s an old cliché that’s better forgot

It’s such a shame they can’t find any better words to say

To pay respects to the man who left us that day


So, in view of this, let me tell you this

We do wish you peace, as we stand where you lay

And know we’ll carry a piece of you in our hearts every day

And know we’ve wished we could have stopped the clock

Know how we wished there was a way

But above all of this, know you’ll be so dearly missed

‘Til we all come to join you again, someday


So, until then, our beloved brother, son, and friend

We wish you peace as we stand where you lay

And we’ll all come to join you again, someday

The End

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