FTH ~ GunMature



It may have felt from time to time

Like I had a gun to my head sometimes, sometimes

But the hand that held the gun, it was never mine

I wouldn’t be so blind as to blow away my mind

Blood, then blackness, is all I’d find

Not the reasons why love can be so unkind


No, the answers can’t be found in a pool of blood

Face down - face down on the ground

Just take the love as it comes to you, and make the most of it

And even if it ends in pain, don’t pull the trigger

Don’t let the hammer click

No, not at you, and not at them

The solution can’t be found through a bloody bitter end


Rage belongs locked in a cage, and love belongs to life

Take what you feel, and put it where it belongs

Do it because it’s right

No, don’t walk prone and prepared to fight

To spend your life in stripes of black and white

If you’re filled with grief and ready to unleash

Don’t grab a gun; don’t take the life from anyone

It’s a regrettable, emotional, and irreversible release

So, don’t grab a gun, ‘cause then your life will really come undone

And rotting in jail, or burning in hell

Won’t justify any wrongs done by anyone


Don’t grab a gun

The End

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