FTH ~ Our SoulsMature

Our Souls

We shared a love that was more than flesh and blood
Our love carried our souls through the skies above
Our souls overflowed with love and emotion
As our lips spoke the words of our souls true devotion

And with a poetic seduction we shared our passions in verse
As we embraced, intertwined, in our loves precious universe
And as our souls joined together and became one within
Our hearts moved aside to let eternal love begin

For the soul is the gatherer of past and present lives
And the knowledge of this truth makes us whole - makes us wise
It is the keeper of memories and the giver of its wealth
And there is nothing more lasting - there is nothing else

So it’s with this knowledge I’ll put my mind at ease
For there’s a higher plain that my mind now sees
And that’s because our love touched our souls
The truth is this (that I believe)
And that’s, even though you are gone,
Our love will last eternally

The End

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