FTH ~ Caught SpeedingMature

Caught Speeding

I can see the lights flashing
As I look in the rear view mirror
And he’s gaining speed
He’s getting nearer and nearer
He’s just about there
On my back door
It seems I’ve been caught speeding, in a radar trap
Oh what a heat score

There isn't much I can do about it now
But stop and pay the fine
I’ll just have to be more cautious
When I go down this road next time
And hindsight, as we know, it’s always 20/20
And with this vision, what lies ahead down the road, we’d like to see
But we know it’ll never be that way
No matter how long or hard we pray
There’s nothing we do or anything we can say
To change what’s already happened to us today

No, you can’t ask to go back and try it again
It just doesn’t work that way my friend
You can’t change what’s happened, or even pretend
You’ve been caught, and  your license's revoked,
And now your trip has come to an end
So if you close your eyes and travel blind
You have to accept what you might find
And if you were wrong, if you’ve committed a crime
You should be prepared to pay the fine

The End

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