FTH ~ Happy BirthdayMature

Happy Birthday


There’s nothing more in life

That could be much more of a shame

Than to find such a perfect love,

And it doesn’t last your whole life through

And this love I found, she has a name,

And yes her name is Sue

And, for as long as I breathe,

In my heart she’ll remain

These words I swear are true


A summer unlike any other

We spent in our loves full embrace

And no change in season

Nor rhyme or reason

Will this memory ever be erased

I’ll always remember the love

That was made by you and me

And how it was so pure, yet raw

So intense, and grew so naturally


So on this day there’s a special wish

And it comes from me to you

I hope you find all that you seek

And all of your dreams come true

‘Cause if ever there was someone

I know that someone is you

So on this day, I’ll wish for this wish

To last your whole life through


Happy Birthday my love

And best wishes as well

From someone who’ll remember your love

As being as sweet as any rose you could smell

The End

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