FTH ~ What About MeMature

What About Me


The phone doesn’t seem to be working too well

What’s wrong, I don’t know,

It doesn’t ring that much, so I can’t tell

But I think it’s time to take back my phone

It only reminds me of how much I’m alone

I know you’ll call sometimes to talk to me

But I feel like it’s so you can satisfy your need


But what about me, here hangin on a string

Just trying to make sense of everything

And what about me, the one you still want to call a friend

Who’s trying to find the line, to where it all begins and ends


I know it’s good for you, that when you call I’ll be here

To listen how your days have been, and always lend an ear

But it hurts me so, and I know I shouldn’t care

But it hurts to hear about your life, when I know I should be there


So what about me, I’m living and loving in limbo

And I just can’t seem to move on, ‘cause I don’t know which way to go

Yeah, what about me, trying to sort the wrong from the right

It’s killing my dreams, keeping me awake at night

The End

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