FTH ~ A Fathers Fate (Part 1)Mature

A Fathers Fate (Part 1)



A Fathers fate has fallen, when he is brought to trial

And his accusers and peers point their fingers in blind denial


But it’s because you lived your life lacking motivation

That you stand at a pivotal point of your life unskilled

And now, I have to bare the burden somehow

To cover your costs, and foot your fucking bills


Well, I guess it seems I should have stayed

Affectionately betrayed in my marriage

So that, this way, I wouldn’t have to pay

For such a judicial miscarriage


But an ingrate for an ex-wife, and bias laws beyond belief

Will strip me of my dignity, and simply add it to my grief

Oh what simplicity; He’s a he, and she’s a she

If only I had known that having balls

Would have decided for whom the gavel falls


But it’s too late now for surgery

They know who’s who, and that the man is me

Now it’s time to punish this prick

Without an ounce of concern or mercy


Oh well, hey, who the fuck am I anyways

I guess nothing more than a sperm donor

I’m just a man with no rights

And no more respect than that in sight

‘Cause there’s no consideration for me as a Father


So they’ll cut me down and won’t consider my life

Just take my child and money to give to the ex-wife

It’s obvious I don’t deserve them to rebuild my life

I only deserve to pay for my mistake, and pay it all to the ex-wife


Yeah, who cares about my dreams anyways

And who cares about the bills I have to pay

Just cough it up, and hope there’s some left for myself at the end of the day

Now I’ve done my job, I can go on livin my life as a poor miserable slob


‘Cause this is what a father has in store

When he’s expected to give in his marriage, but can’t take no more

It’s a lopsided family law, bent on an unfair shake

But for a man in family court, this is a fathers fate

The End

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