FTH ~ I Was WrongMature

I Was Wrong


I know,

I know you need to hear these words

And I know,

I know I might have waited too long

But if you’ll sit yourself down, and lend me your ears

I’ll say it in this song…

I was wrong, yeah I was wrong

I was wrong, there, I was wrong


But I was wrong to think that you’d care

Enough about me to always be there

That you’d think of me first when I was in need

Or be my rock and stand by me

Oh I was wrong when I fell in love

And picked you up to rise you above

And to give you strength in your times of need

To make you strong enough to walk out on me

I was wrong, oh, I was wrong

I was wrong, I know, I was wrong


Yeah, and I was wrong to put up with you,

With all your games, and cheating too

To give up my friends, and my life,

Just so you would be my wife

Yeah, I was wrong to believe in you,

That for all I did, you’d do it too

And that you’d remember my sacrifice,

That maybe one day, you’d prove me right

But I was wrong, yeah, I was wrong

I was wrong, I swear, I was wrong


Now I was wrong to think you’d respect

That my kind of love you don’t neglect

Or that you’d give back all you’d received,

And wouldn’t be selfish, and maybe think about me

So I was wrong, and I’ve made it clear,

You’ve made a reality of my greatest fear

But don’t you cry for me, and don’t feel sad for me

Our life may be over, but for that, I’m glad you see…

‘Cause I was wrong, with you, I was wrong

I was wrong; it’s true, I was wrong

And I hope you know it now too,

Now I’ve said it in this song

I was wrong, I was wrong

The End

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