FTH ~ Jessica At TwoMature

Jessica At Two


On May 6th I will turn two

And these are some things I can say and do…


I can say soap, and it sounds like tope

And I can say ca-ca, beep-beep

My apple juice I call appy-doo

And when I see a big truck I’ll shout Big Dool


I can say hi as clear as a bell

And I can say bye-bye just as well

I can say poo-poo and pee-pee too

And I can tell Daddy ‘I love you’


A hat is a hat, and dog is an arf-arf

Wet is wet, but clean is teen

Soon is toon, and home is ‘ome

I can say hot, but warm I say wome


The things on my feet I call my chews

I can happy and also me too

A bottle is a botty, and my baby is bee-bee

But there’s no mistake when I say Daddy


Now I’ve known whose shoes are whose

But I’ve known this long before I turned two

I can put on my own clothes, and brush my teet

And when I come home I’ll ask ‘Where’s Pete?’


I don’t use many diapers, I’m almost potty trained

And after I go pee-pee, I’ll flush it down the drain

I love to colour, and I love my slide

And if I see a bike, I’ve gotta go for a ride


I love to run and dance and play

And I love my bath in every way

I’m such a smart little girl and Daddy’s so proud of me

He knows I’ll be someone someday, just you wait and see


To my Sweetie, my precious little girl

Daddy’s so happy you’re part of his world

The End

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