FTH ~ Broken Hearts RemainsMature

Broken Hearts Remains


Don’t tell me you’ll love me forever

And don’t tell me you’ll leave me never…


You see, I’ve heard those words before, and still she walked out the door

And now those words don’t mean the same to me anymore

(Not since she walked out the door)

And now these broken hearts remains are so shattered from the pain

And like lost pieces of a puzzle, are my broken hearts remains

(They’ll never go back the same)


So just be with me today, and don’t make plans for tomorrow

‘Cause when you leave, my heart I’ll retrieve, it was only yours to borrow

(I don’t mean you any sorrow)

But I will give you my body, and I will give you my mind

But my hearts not for taking, ‘cause what’s left is mine

(I don’t mean to be unkind)


But these broken hearts remains have suffered too much pain

And there’s little left to love with now, from these broken hearts remains

(I know it’s such a shame)

So the most that I can do, is from a distance, love you

There isn’t much left of my heart to make enough room for two

(There’s not much more I can do)


Now if you can give me time, to see how many pieces I might find

With a bit of luck I might succeed, and find enough room for you and me

(That’s just the way it’s gotta be)

‘Cause my broken hearts remains need to heal from all the pain

Before I can ever let them love again

Just let me find the pieces of my broken hearts remains

The End

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