FTH ~ Our JourneyMature

Our Journey

As we all begin our journey out into the great unknown
We hope to find the easiest path and to quickly make a home
I felt I was luck at first to find my passenger so soon
But I never imagined for a moment this road would lead to our doom

Now we hopped right in and began our trip
I poured the wine and we took a sip
We reclined the seats and laid right back
I put it in cruise and we began to chat

And along the way we had a blast
We took it slow, and we took it fast
But we failed to see the signs ahead...
Pavement Ends! (a bumpy road instead)

And it was quite a shock when we hit the gravel
When for so long, so smooth, the road we’d traveled
The road was rough, and we felt despair
When it punctured the tires and let out the air

So we hopped back out and gave the tires a kick
This was not the way we wanted to end our trip
Then I saw the look in her eyes
And knew this was where we’d say our last good-byes

And though we both took turns to see what we could do
We finally ran outta breath and were turning blue
Then she looked up ahead, and said it was too far
To go any further without a car

So after she packed, I stood by the side
I watched her leave with her new ride
And now how this road ends I’ll never see
‘Cause she’d torn up our map and our destiny

The End

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