FTH ~ Wasn't Good EnoughMature

Wasn’t Good Enough


Some say get on with your life,

Just to prove them wrong

Some say just do it,

‘Cause you have to move on

Others say you just have to,

‘Cause that’s how it should be

But I don’t think it’s so simple

When there’s nothing left for me


‘Cause my heart inside is empty,

The cobwebs have started to form

And the road ahead looks dark and gray,

And I doubt I can weather the storm

I gave every piece of my being,

And emptied myself as time passed

And just like when you spill a drink,

All that’s left now, is an empty glass


Just a shell of a man,

The hell if I’ll ever understand

Somehow, and I’m not sure why,

It slipped right through my hands

So what good can possibly come from this,

How can I think that I’ll be fine

When everything I was wasn’t good enough,

And all that’s left for me is time


See, time has become my enemy;

It just stands there, ticking away

And as I watch minutes turn to hours through empty eyes

I lose hope as the hours turn into days

For if everything I am is second rate,

And all I have to offer is too

Why would anyone else be interested,

If it wasn’t good enough for you

The End

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