FTH ~ Our First ChildMature

Our First Child


Our first child will be born

Sometime in May

And I anxiously await

This special day


Not because I should

Nor because I have to

But because it’s a part of me

As well as a part of you


I look forward to seeing

If he or she

Has a nose like you

Or eyes like me


To see the itty bitty feet

And a dimple on the cheek

The tiny little hands

And a face so sweet


To hold our first child

For my very first try

Will bring a smile to my face

And a tear to my eye


We’ve created a miracle

Something special in every way

And I’m sure we’ll start to love it

Before its first day


I just can’t get over it

I just can’t help but smile

That sometime in May

We’ll have our first child

The End

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