FTH ~ Thoughts Of YouMature

Thoughts Of You


Well here we are again

With the want and need to try

To hold on to a love

That doesn’t want to die

It’s not too clear to me

What has changed your mind

But it would surely bring me comfort

If you’d lay it on the line


My feelings for you now

I’m sure you know

What we had and can have together

I don’t ever want to let go

The thoughts of us together

Bring butterflies to my heart

And that my love is but one reason

Why I never want us to part


Now my arms are open to you

Morning, noon, and night

Until that day comes

When I can hold you tight

For you in my arms

Is all that I need

For my life to be fulfilled

And have a reason to succeed


I hope your feelings for me

Are the same as mine for you

‘Cause if the feelings are mutual

Our love will leave the Earth

And go far beyond the blue

You are my love, and you are my life

And my love for you runs deep into the night

Now me for you might be a question

But you for me is right

The End

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