FTH ~ Our LoveMature

Our Love (Strong and True)


We seem to be getting along

Things seem to be bright

That’s what I keep thinking

When I’m alone at night


I didn’t think we’d ever be apart

‘Cause our love was strong and true

I didn’t think you’d stop loving me

And I never stopped loving you


We took some time apart

To find out what was right

And us return to each other

Makes our future look so bright


Now us getting back together

Proves our love is strong and true

I always knew you were right for me

And now again I feel I’m right for you


So I will easily trust you now

And laugh at my doubts and fears

Because I know you’ll be true to me

As the months turn into years


And I want you to keep in mind

Whether you are happy or blue

And that’s that I could never love anyone else

As much as I love you

The End

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