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From the Heart, and Through the Pain:

 A Collection of Songs & Poems



Nick Robinson





It is rare, if not impossible, not to become consumed by your emotions when you lose a love. But the time that’s passed since you first met this person is often not as significant as how much in love you were when it ended. Some people fall quicker and easier than others. Nevertheless, when the bubble bursts, the most common recourse that people opt for is the first bandage to heal their wounds.


The last thing a person wants to do when they feel alone, is be alone. But, for myself, I didn’t want to just jump into another relationship. That would have been too easy. It also wouldn’t have been fair to myself, my daughter, or to the person I became involved with. I didn’t want to ignore my past by creating a new future. I wanted to deal with the questions that needed to be answered before I could consider sharing my life with someone else.


Although I can’t recall every thought and emotion I’d felt when the final good-bye was said, I do know I didn’t want to feel that way again. Initially, I just started to write down my thoughts, there was too much on my mind to simply leave it there. But, to my surprise, these thoughts soon started to flow freely and became structured assessments of how I was feeling at the time. Even in moments of complete despair, it actually felt good to get them down on paper. It was helping to sort through all of the clutter, so I could better understand and deal with the situation.


So, as days turned to weeks, and weeks to months, I continued to write. Through it, my writing grew; and from it, this book was made. I don’t claim to have found all of the answers through my writing, but I do know that it helped a great deal. What’s important is that I found an outlet for my emotions, and came to understand myself better because of it.


So take a walk through the pages, and see how the story unfolds. And, if you get a feeling of Déjà vu, don’t be surprised, you won’t be the first it’s happened to.

The End

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