Stupid Car

Breya pulled over, exhausted and overheating she immediately grabbed Mischief and jumped out of her vintage Volkswagen beetle.  

"Gah! Stupid car!" She yelled laughing with a hint of aggravation. "Ah well guess We're walking mischief" She smiled at her black and brown tabby cat with the body of a kitten, sitting quietly in her arms. 

Breya shuffled to the trunk and slipped Mischief into her travel bag. Wrapping the strap onto her shoulder and walking to the passenger side, she sighed, staring out over the empty road, looking for a sign that another person will come. Sadly, she was alone in this devastated garden of Eden.

Looking around, the empty wasteland that was once was beautiful fields of corn and wheat, Breya saw a town sign and started her walk, cat in tow. 

"Shame it's not edible or even alive anymore" She said looking at the once full fields, her stomach growling heavily at the thought of delicious corn on the cob from Delilah's Diner, back in her home town. 

Mischief seemed to agree with her, though she never liked corn, and meowed gracefully as the two plodded on to the nearest town. 

The End

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