From the Files of Ace Casecloser

A story I started on Ficlets. I decided I should post it and let you join Ace Casecloser on his private eye journies!!!

Hello. I am Ace Casecloser. For those of you who do not know me, I am a dashing detective with a quick wit, a snappy hair style, a long trench coat with a belt and a high collar, and a fedora hat to match. And I'm ten. But don't worry ladies, I'll grow up someday. And good things are worth the wait.

On a sunny June day, I was sitting in my office that I made myself. It was a refrigerator box taped to another big box I found when I was going through a junkyard - that's a long story for another time - with a hole carved in between them. The floor was a bedsheet I stole from the laundry. I had square holes for windows covered in Saran wrap, and a flashlight tied to a string hanging from the ceiling. My door was a large hole with many layers of Saran wrap hanging from the top, so you could lift it up to get in. I wrote Ace Casecloser: Private Eye on the door.

I sat on my wooden chair with my feet propped up on the school desk I fixed up from the junkyard and smoked a candy cigarette. That's when I heard my doorbell ringing, A.K.A. the bicycle horn I duct taped next to my door on the outside. "Come in," I called.

In came that deceiving damsel, Cindy Rottile, her face red from the long run from her house to my office, her blonde hair in pigtails, and her skinny body in a blue jumper. "Ace! Ace!" she cried.

Oh, why does she always have to bother me on these nice days?

"What is it, Rottile?" I blew out an imaginary smoke cloud.

"I lost my glasses!" she sniffled.

"I'm afraid that's not my department," I looked away from her eyes. "Go find them on your own."

"I... I can't!" she started blubbering. "I looked and - hup..."

I hate it when girls cry. "Well, where did you have them last?"

That seemed to stifle the crying a bit. "I... I... I don't knooooooow...." she moaned.

"Well," I got up and walked to a window, standing and looking out it. "When do you last remember wearing them?"

"I, think...." I tuned her out as I discreetly peeled the Saran wrap off the cardboard.

When I finished pulling it off, she hadn't noticed a thing. That's when I tumbled out through the window and ran.

The End

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